Antenatal Class Resource List

A list of antenatal resources mentioned in the classes

Throughout the Antenatal Class series, I refer to a lot of epic resources you can access for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Here’s a list of those resources, and some extras I have added since, to help you find what you need with ease.

  • Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey
  • The Birth Map by Catherine Bell

  • WonderWeeks 


Qiara – this is my favourite probiotic for the whole family. I take the pregnancy and breastfeeding one and use the infant and kids for my boys. Mr C+F has the adult one. 

Collagen – Maternally Happy is made by a registered midwife in Melbourne 😉 I take it every morning and love it!

Probiotics to reduce your chance of GBS

Research shows the following strains may reduce your risk of GBS:
L. Reuteri RC14 &
L. Rhamnosus GR1

Swiss or Blackmores both have them  (check the labels to ensure they contain BOTH) or a practitioner only brand like Biomedica. If you’re interested in purchasing this product get in touch with @emmaparknutritionist – she can hook you up!

You should start taking them from 32 weeks. If you have a history of thrush, urinary tract infections or BV (bacterial vaginosis) start them at least 28 weeks.

Check out my Shop Page for a huge range of products I recommend for pregnancy and postpartum. Feel free to check back often as I’m constantly adding new products or keep up to date with my newsletter and Instagram

For Labour 

The famous Birth Comb and the not so famous birth ball cover can be found here

Seasons Of Mama have awesome Labour and Postpartum Aromatherapy blends, teas and bath salts

For Breastfeeding 

Silverette – In the antenatal classes I highly recommend the HydroGel Discs. After having my second babe I discovered Silverette. I instantly fell in love with them and tried the Hydrogel Breast Discs again but didn’t like them in comparison to Silverette. They really are magic! You can also use them for future pregnancies.

For Postpartum 

Milk and Poppy – for all your nappy and play bag, swaddles, blankets and milestone card needs 

Your dry postpartum vagina may like these products 

For Baby

Baby Fox Baby Boutique has gorgeous baby products that Mr Delicious loves!

Explore the Core & Floor Services


Find that extra boost of motivation and a group of like-minded women. Focus on your health and your healing. Suitable for pregnancy & postpartum (no matter how long ago you had a baby!).


B is bringing Core & Floor to a town near you! She’s hitting the road to bring you these epic 3-hour workshops to kickstart your pregnancy and postpartum health journey.

Online Classes

45 minute online exercise classes to get you motivated, fit and feeling your best. Join B on zoom once per week. We’ll work on safe exercises that B will adapt to any life stage – pregnancy, postpartum or anywhere in between


Coming Soon: Birth Prep Chats

A one on one with B to work through any fears, create a birth map, debrief any prior birth trauma & give you the skills and confidence for a positive labour and birth.


Coming Soon: Birth Debriefs

B is a highly experienced midwife. She has attended hundreds of births. Birth debriefs give you the opportunity to reflect on your birth journey, ask any questions and start processing any trauma.


Coming Soon: Core & Floor Chats

A thirty minute chat to talk all things you! Whether it be your core, pelvic floor, prolapse, what exercise is safe or to ask any questions you have about your postpartum journey. 

Postnatal Support

Coming Soon: Postnatal Support

B will support you through your postnatal period. She will answer any questions or concerns about you or your baby in those first weeks and months. This is a one-on-one with B to get the help and support you need.