Birth Preparation

What is birth preparation?

Birth preparation is the process of mentally readying yourself for birth. There are many things you can do and think about to give yourself a positive, empowering birth experience. 

B’s birth prep helps you:

  • Discover and define your ideal birth and what you can do to work towards that birth
  • Define the birth scenarios you don’t want, and what you can do to better your chances of avoiding them
  • Work through questions you may need to ask your care provider to facilitate a better birth
  • Work through any fears and anxieties and address them
  • Debrief any previous birth trauma
  • Discuss different birth scenarios so you are prepared for the multiple paths birth can take (because birth cannot be planned)
  • Gain the skills and confidence to experience an epic birth, no matter what scenario eventuates 

Do I need birth preparation?

Core & Floor’s birth preparation chats give you the opportunity to talk with B one-on-one. You can be alone or with your support person/people.

Your birth is worth investing in because it will mentally and physically stay with you for life. It will impact your health, your children’s health and your grandchildren’s health (because your unborn babe currently carries your grandchild’s genetics). Think about how much you have spent on events like a wedding, or items such as a pram. None of those impact your health like your birth does. Put your money where your health is 😉

B is a highly skilled and experienced midwife. She has worked in Australian and international hospitals, in remote outreach programs and in homebirth. You can read more about her here or listen to her speak on numerous podcasts (including telling her own birth stories on Australian Birth Stories).


Book a birth prep consult with B

You can book a time and day for your consultion by clicking on ‘Read More’. Please note you are booking in the Brisbane, Australia timezone. You can book a time and day for your consult by clicking on ‘Read More’. A zoom link will be automatically sent to you. 

If you’re due soon and require a booking earlier than is available, please just book a time and date and write in the comments that you’d like an earlier booking. B will be in touch to reschedule a time to suit your needs.