I’m Ali!

I’m a mum, a wife, sister, daughter and friend. I live amongst the trees in Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne. My vibe is warm, supportive and sensitive. My favourite thing is to cut the small talk and dive deep in conversation. I love gardening, reading, baking, walking through the bush and most recently, learning to play the ukulele.

I believe deeply in this work. I am here to help you claim your power, encourage you, support you and hold space for you. I am here in the excitement and uncertainty of pregnancy and those vulnerable early postpartum days. I am here for you as you navigate this sacred rite of passage. I am here for you as you connect to the new you. I am here for you throughout the early years of motherhood. I will listen and be present with my whole heart, body and mind.

I believe deep in my bones that mother care is the foundation to healthy women, children, families and community. Supporting the mother, the creator of life in the most important work.

I am a mum to two boys. I am a postpartum doula, a matrescence educator and guide and a motherhood studies practitioner. I have come to know and understand the enormous transformation growth and transition mothers go through - matrescence. I believe in the importance of acknowledging and naming the experiences and lived reality of mothers to support this transition. I am a women's circle facilitator and trained in birth story debriefing. I am here to reduce silence, isolation, shame and guilt. A mother in her power, feeling at ease and trusting herself is one that knows she is important and can literally change the world through her mothering. I live in awareness of the cycles of our inner and outer world. I am passionate about understanding and moving back to the roots of herbal medicine and support. I am here to support mothers from pregnancy through to early motherhood. My offerings include pregnancy and mothers circles and one on one support to mothers through birth story debriefing, postpartum planning, fourth trimester in home support and one-off or ongoing individualised motherhood and matrescence guidance.

I am so grateful for my teachers. I would love to acknowledge my linage of learning and recognise Dr Sophie Brock, Nikki McCahon, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Bernadette ‘B’ Lack, Lael Stone and Kate Reed. And nod my head to the previous me, a Speech Pathologist of 10 years with a range of post graduate professional development.

Ali is available for

Birth Debrief

An opportunity for you to tell and honour your birth story. To unpack how it happened and why certain decisions were made. I believe every brith deserves it's story to be heard. There is no criteria here, your story is valid and worth hearing.

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Birth Preparation

Birth preparation is the process of mentally readying yourself for birth. There are many things you can do and think about to give yourself a positive, empowering birth experience. I am a highly experienced midwife in both hospital and home birth settings. I would love to help you prepare for your upcoming birth.

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Postnatal Support

This is your session to address your individual needs and discuss your own situation. You can talk about anything you’d like to. Really, nothing postpartum is off-limits. My advice is tailored to your body, your baby and your own story.

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