Poeta's heart grew two sizes bigger the day she realised her homecoming was yoga.

It was during her second pregnancy in a prenatal yoga teacher training, that this pivotal moment in her life occurred, leading her to change careers from a Primary School teacher to becoming a teacher who could share the gifts of yoga with all.

Poeta is 120% heart driven in offering the knowledge of yoga and seeing her students deepen their connection to the practice and to themselves.

However, her soft spot will always remain with the guidance of expecting women on their journey to motherhood, regardless of how many times they have walked this road before.

"There is something so incredibly powerful about being invited to share that time with a woman. And something so incredibly powerful for her in that moment with herself, her baby and the connection to her pregnancy. I always feel very honoured to be holding that space for her. Prenatal yoga can be many things for each individual woman and their needs at any given time. Empowering, strengthening, reassuring, nurturing, relaxing is just some of the sweetness yoga can give to women at this time."

She currently resides in East Gippsland with her family and runs her own yoga studio 'House of Yoga, Metung'.

You can expect each of Poetas's classes to be versatile, intelligently created and always with her care for each individual to have that opportunity to move, connect, feel and 'be', at the heart.

We are so thrilled she is part of the Core and Floor online live classes team.