Checklists + Downloads


Do you love a good checklist? Me too.

Family life is hectic. Navigating parenthood, relationships, careers and everything in between. Sometimes, all we need is a good old checklist to get us back on track.

These epic checklists are here to help you with all sorts of life planning; because you’re #neveralone.

Got an idea for another epic checklist? I’d love to hear. Contact me here.

Workload Checklist

A checklist to help with the mental load and help create equal domestic partnerships. 

Who does what? And how can you help each other out a little more.

Special Events Checklist 

I wish we didn’t need it. But so many of us do. A checklist to help your partner plan birthdays, Mother’s Day and other special occasions. Think of it as an effective communication tool!

Hospital Bag Checklist 

All you need for you and babe for labour, birth and those early days postpartum 


Need the specifics? Here they are!

Summaries of all my information on topics that matter to you!

Reducing Tearing

Evidence-based information to reduce tearing during vaginal birth.

How to have an epic birth

Here is a summary of B’s fundamental ways to have an epic birth.