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Fearless Females: Online Coaching

Achieve your goals with personalised support and techniques from B – an experienced midwife and trainer.

This is online coaching with a difference! Prioritise your own self-care and get to the bottom of why you aren’t! 

Set your goals – be they fitness, health, relationship, lifestyle or even remembering to floss your teeth! Choose what you want to work on.

Our next round starts November 1st – book now to avoid disappointment.  

What’s included:

  • Assistance with goal identification, setting and achieving  
  • A private member-only Facebook group
  • Live exclusive online exercise classes 
  • Weekly zooms that will enable you to dig deep and explore why you do or don’t prioritise yourself and how you can change that. Each week we cover a topic to delve into our own story and make sustainable change. 
  • Access to B:  Ask her anything!
  • Daily support to keep you accountable
  • B’s personalised coaching and mindset tips: get positive and stay on track
  • Free access to any general live exercise and education sessions during the round 
  • A community of like-minded people in a super supportive space

What are you waiting for? Time to set those goals and start prioritising you!

(Remember – happy you, happy everyone!)

Thank you for creating a safe place for me to be vulnerable but to also share my wins too.

A.R, Feb to June 2021 FF Member

This month I have really learned what self care looks like for me... and how to make it happen.

B.D, Feb to June 2021 FF Member

Thank you Bernadette for creating this space. I have needed this, it’s been special to share in everyone’s wins but also to share the struggles.

R.C, Jul to Sep 2020 FF Member

So bloody glad I signed up for this… I just wish I’d done it sooner.

N.W, Nov to Feb 2021 FF Member

I am grateful for what this group has done for me. I’m feeling like pre baby me. Dealing with things so much better and looking at the positives!

J.S, Jul to Sep 2020 FF Member

This program has given me so much. Becoming a mum involves so much change and this group has helped me reconnect with myself, my needs… and that I don’t have to be ‘Mum’ every second of everyday.

K.L, Jul to Sep 2020 FF Member

If it weren’t for the Fearless Females community I would probably have had many meltdowns this past two weeks but I don’t believe I’ve had one!

T.J, Jul to Sep 2020 FF Member

I love so much that this group is a place where I feel accountable but more that I feel encouraged… What a gift this space is.

K.J, Nov to Feb 2021 FF Member

Put yourself first, stay accountable, be supported and achieve your personal health and fitness goals…It’s time to make time for you!!!!

Add B’s personalised coaching package to your program today