Core & Floor Chats

So, you’ve realised your pelvic floor isn’t totally invincible? And perhaps that’s freaking you out. You might be spiralling down the rabbit hole of Google searches, self-blame and thoughts of ‘will I ever feel the same again?’

Or perhaps you’re just a little unsure of where to begin with your floor or core? And need a little one on one with B.

What should you be doing now? How can you start reducing your symptoms? What exercises are safe? Is it too soon to exercise? Is my vagina meant to feel like this? Should I see a physio? Or will my GP help me? 

Yep, I get you. There are a million questions that crop up in both pregnancy and postpartum. And you could spend a few days on google or try an online forum… but it’s all pretty generic. Or based on someone else’s experience. And that experience isn’t yours. The advice is not tailored to your body and what you’ve been through. I am here to help.


What is covered in a Core & Floor chat

The short answer: Anything you need. I’m a midwife, personal trainer, mother of two and have a Master of Public Health. There’s a lot that we can talk through.

But to give you an idea, these are the topics often covered in my chats:

  • Pelvic floor concerns – tightness, weakness, who to see, what to do, massage, dilators… ask me what you need!
  • Prolapse – my vagina is falling out, what does this mean? HELP! (I know what this feels like, have been there before)
  • Sex – need I say more 😉 
  • Core – are you sure I’ve still got one?
  • Diastasis Recti – Is surgery the answer?
  • Safe exercise and when you can start?
  • Pregnancy, postpartum and future birth concerns

Ask me anything. We can floor it out together.


Book a Core & Floor Chat with B

You can book a time and day for our chat by clicking ‘Read More’. Please note times are in the Brisbane, Australia timezone. A zoom link will be automatically emailed to you once your booking is made.