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Men's pelvic floor: Designed to strengthen male core and pelvic floor through exercise.

Specifically designed for men, this program will enable you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor and body through exercise. Whether you’re suffering with a sore back, wanting to improve your sex life, trying to get back into sport, had surgery like a prostatectomy, experience incontinence, or you just want to strengthen your core and move functionally, this course is for you. Over 8 weeks you will learn how to correctly activate, repair and strengthen your muscles.

What you get in our
Men's pelvic floor & Core program

  • An 8 week step by step video program (theory and exercise videos)
    • Weeks 1 – 3 theory (so we can get this right from the beginning) + exercise videos
    • Weeks 4 – 8 exercise videos
  • Access to the program for three years
  • Welcome video from B to get you started
  • Online kick-off assessment survey (to establish and measure your progress) + a wrap-up survey to see your results (awesome!)
  • PDF downloads and scripts on the theory behind the program
  • 30+ theory-based videos to guide and build foundation
  • More than 4.5 hours of exercise instruction over 8 weeks
    • You’ll complete 3 x 10-minute exercise sessions a week. These can be repeated as often as you like and combined to make longer workouts (if life allows)
  • Modifications for every level – each exercise is broken down in its own video to explain how to choose the progression that’s right for you!
  • Accountability wheel – mark off each video as you complete it and watch your wheel hit 100%. Reset it at any time should you want to repeat the program
  • Community forum to keep you connected with other restorers
  • Motivational emails straight to your inbox to remind and support you
  • Weekly advice and continuous access to B
  • A self-paced flexible program (it doesn’t have to be 8 weeks) so you can re-set any time
  • List of equipment you’ll need
  • A program to complete in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, and around your schedule!




Topics and exercises include:

  • Understanding your core
  • Diastasis Recti explained
  • Diastasis Recti self-check
  • Understanding your pelvic floor
  • Pelvic floor self-check
  • The diaphragmatic breath
  • Correct core and pelvic floor activation
  • Finding neutral pelvis
  • Pooing
  • Posture
  • Postural self-check and exercises
  • Functional movement
  • Muscle lengthening
  • Bonus videos if you need some more help
  • 25 different exercises specific to core, pelvic floor and glute health

“Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and life changing course. My chronic back pain has gone, and my good night sleeps have returned, which overall has also reduced my mental stress and anxiety and has done wonders for my relationship with my wife and kids, my focus, happiness and more patience with everything, everyone and myself.

Overall, you’ve kicked off a life changing transformation for me B and this is priceless!”

Surfer + father of 2

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Designed to strengthen male core and pelvic floor through exercise
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