Bernadette has been guest on some epic podcasts around the globe. She chats everything you need to know - including the stuff no one else is talking about!

I was absolutely honoured to chat with Sophie Walker from Australian Birth Stories. We talk about my pre-pregnancy incontinence and how debilitating my incontinence became during pregnancy. I talk about my two epic births and how I have worked to heal and strengthen my own pelvic floor and prolapse. Remember: the pelvic floor is a muscle and like all muscles we can heal and strengthen it. 

In this episode I chat with Shelley about why the pelvic floor and core is important to everyone – not just pregnant and postpartum people. Having a balanced pelvic floor and core is a vital tool for life. A weak pelvic floor can affect anyone – I have endured incontinence since I was nineteen – prior to having children! It’s a great, insightful chat and well worth a listen.

I loved this chat with Jayde & Sophie. So, we chat everything pelvic floor (of course!) but we really get into the nitty gritty including orgasms, prolapse, incontinence, diastasis recti and why you shouldn’t be putting up with a “ruined” body postpartum! It’s epic in detail and definitely worth a listen. 

This was a great conversation with Lynda. We chat about my own experience of incontinence. We talk about all that the core and pelvic floor encompass and the many challenges women face when it comes to their core. We also chat diastasis recti prevention and treatment, safe postpartum exercise and daily hacks to support your core. We even get to correct baby-wearing and my thoughts on belly wrapping – it’s jam packed…. Better get listening.

In this episode I chat with the lovely Naomi. I share my own experience with incontinence (since I was 19!), pregnancy, home birth, and restoring my pelvic floor health. Oh and it’s full of tips on how you too can start to heal! 

Melanie and I talk about developing Core & Floor and how it all came about. We talk about my postpartum journey and nipping negative self-talk in the bud. We also talk about prioritising yourself and making time for exercise. #fiveminutesisbetterthannominutes! And why this makes me a better mum! This episode is all about motherhood, parenting and motivation.

You know I love to chat all things wee, poo, pelvic floor balance. This chat with the lovely Caity is no different! We chat knowing your body and how this will help you feel confident in your birth. We talk a heap about pant wetting and how to start healing so you be the best version of yourself! It all about the REAL stuff no one is talking about but WE ALL need to know so we can support our sisterhood of mums.

It was epic to chat with Bonnie from Making a Midwife. I talk about my journey into midwifery, my struggles as a student and my time working as a new grad. We also talk about my time as a remote outreach midwife and all that I learned from that experience. We also chat about the vast differences between the hospital and international settings I have worked in.

In this episode Aimee and I chat all things pelvic floor and core. We talk in depth about how you can decrease your chance of tearing and decrease pushing time by doing your pelvic floor exercises on the regular. We chat prolapse, C-sections, safe exercise after birth and postpartum tightness. We also delve into pain during sex, and how to know if you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly.

This was an epic chat with Charlotte. We chat through my entire parenting journey with Mr C&F that started as foster parents . We talk openly about conceiving, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. We swear a lot in this – but what’s new? It’s a great chat and well worth getting your ears around.

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