Chakras Mat



Chakras Mat is your best yoga companion! Improve your practice reducing slipping and injuries with this non-slip pretty mat. The top layer is a luxury printed microfiber with anti-slipping coat that will provide that extra grip. The bottom layer is 100% natural rubber.

You’re made up of energy. Your body is made up of cells, composed by atoms, all made of energy. Chakras are the energy points in our bodies, when they’re balanced and flowing we’re healthy in our mind, body and spirit. But can you imagine the impact of unbalanced energies in your body? That’s where our Chakras Yoga Mat comes in.

The Chakras Mat will help you to balance and maintain the equilibrium that your body needs for optimum outcomes.

Enlightened Koala Mats are not the regular pretty mats. They are designed for those who seek to better understand themselves. It doesn’t matter your age, weight or flexibility, or level just your commitment to yourself.


  • Eco-friendly: Water-based ink, Biodegradable, Nontoxic & Free of phthalates, PVC, and silicone.

  • Top layer: microfiber treated with anti-slipping coat

  • Bottom layer: 100% Natural Rubber

  • Dimension: 1.83cm (72”) long & 61cm (24”) wide

  • Thickness: 4mm (0.16”)

  • Weight: just over 2.5Kg