Shape Maker Bundle




  • Stronger resistance than rubber resistance bands
  • 100% skin safe and hypoallergenic – no itchy latex material
  • Soft and comfortable woven cotton
  • Machine washable and odourless
  • Won’t slip or coil
  • Won’t pull on leg hairs

The Shape Maker Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Shape Maker Lilac Band – Level 1
  • 1 x Shape Maker Aqua Band – Level 2
  • 1 x Shape Maker Mint Band – Level 3
  • 1 x Shape Maker Carry Bag

These bands have been quality tested by personal trainers using every exercise imaginable to produce the perfect set of three (3) sizes and strengths.

Each band has a unique resistance and is designed for use for any fitness level and body shape.


Lilac Band – Level 1

Our level 1 resistance band is our most versatile band as the resistance is low and easy to use, giving you an abundance of exercises to chose from. This band has been designed to be super stretchy and mould perfectly to your legs, it is perfect for squats, glute bridges, clams and single leg kick backs.

Suitable for beginner to intermediate training.

Aqua Band – Level 2
Our level 2 resistance band has a medium-hard level resistance and is double the thickness of the level one band, it is ideal for those who want to challenge themselves further and really feel that deep burn. The thicker band brings extra comfort and increases stability, this band is perfect for hip thrusts, glute bridges, crab walks, squat walks and hip adduction exercises.

Suitable for beginner to intermediate training.

Mint Band – Level 3

Our level 3 band is the hardest of the three and offers a very challenging level of resistance. It has been designed to help you to stabilise and avoid your knees caving in narrow stance glute exercises. The mint band is also our recommended band for advanced users of resistance bands and weight training.

Suitable for advanced training.

Shape Maker Carry Bag

We have designed our 22cm long x 18cm wide carry bag to perfectly fit all three bands and still have room left over for other things you carry while working out.


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