Thursday 9:30am AEST C+F Strengthen – 45mins


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This 45-minute class will leave you feeling epic.

Full body, low impact, minimal equipment. Designed for pregnant people and mums at home with bubs and children!

We will start off with some muscle lengthening using a tennis/cork/spikey ball and/or foam roller (if you don’t have these, don’t stress, ill guide you through some alternatives), we will then move onto a 35-minute full-body burner session. Working the arms, core, bum, and legs until your whole body is fully epic! Modifications given for all levels from beginner to advanced so that you can DO YOU!

If you need to stop and feed babe, change a nappy or resettle you can. If you can only join us for 30 minutes, that’s fine too. Whatever works for you and lets you get some movement into your day!

It’s ideal if you’ve completed at least the theory of my Core and Floor Restore or Pregnancy program. If you haven’t you can still join in and I’ll guide you through it.

If you want to work harder you can add a band to this workout if you have one. We often do some 1kg weighted exercises – tins of food or bottles of liquid can be used as epic substitutes (or nothing if you’re just starting out).

If this is your first-class feel free to show up on zoom a little earlier to ask questions and say hi or unmute and ask a question throughout class if need be 😉 I’m a real person and I love hearing from you!



Event Details

Date: August 18, 2022

Start time: 09:30 a.m. AEST

End time: 10:15 a.m. AEST