Amber Love Adults Necklace Cognac

Amber Love Adults Necklace Cognac

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  • 100% Pure Baltic Amber 

  • Made for adults 



Why it's epic 

Amber Love produce 100% pure genuine baltic amber necklaces and bracelets for adults and children. They guarantee that their products are made from only the finest quality amber, sourced from the Baltic region.

This 100% pure genuine baltic amber necklace is made for adults and can be worn by females and males alike. Baltic amber is a natural tree resin that has fossilised over many centuries. Found around the baltic sea region, it has long been used in many countries in natural medicine for numerous ailments.

Genuine baltic amber is considered to assist in pain relief and reduce inflammation. Amber may also help with concentration and the body’s reflexes. It offers an energy boost and has positive effects for the nervous system and the heart. 

The details 

• 100% Pure Baltic Amber 

• Used in folk medicine for numerous ailments 

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What's inside

100% Baltic Amber
Cotton Thread

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