Ethique Stick Deodorant
Ethique Stick Deodorant
Ethique Stick Deodorant

Ethique Stick Deodorant

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Stay fresh and confident all day long with our Rustic, Botanica and Minimalist solid deodorant sticks.

Zinc oxide and magnesium hydroxide help prevent odours caused by bacteria. Bamboo powder, which can absorb up to 200% its own weight in water, absorbs sweat and oil to keep underarms feeling dry. Softening sweet almond oil and jojoba allow for easy application and help keep underarms silky smooth.

Rustic is scented with lime, eucalyptus, and cedarwood oils for a fresh, woodsy fragrance.

Botanica is delicately scented with sweet, floral lavender and vanilla.

Minimalist contains no added fragrance or essential oils, making it an excellent choice for sensitive underarms - or those of you who prefer an unscented deodorant that won't interfere with your perfume or cologne.
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