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Evolve: a mentorship to deepen your connection with self and in clinical practice

The goal of this mentorship is to become a deeply connected practitioner who can hold the stories and feelings of those in your care and/or supervision to enable more whole person therapies. 

You will become confident in talk and feeling therapy to enable people to understand their trauma, enable it to process through their body and rediscover balance between their mind and body.

This mentorship is for:

> Anyone currently working in the preconception to parenting space or wanting to

> Those working/wanting to work in birth trauma and be leaders in this field 

This is a 10 month mentorship to enable you to personally and professionally grow with incredible support. You can only take someone as far as you've been yourself, this offering is designed to take you as far as it feels right for you so that you can hold others to do the same. 

This mentorship will be conducted completely online.

We will cover providing emotional support from preconception through to parenting. Looking at but not limited to preconception trauma, birth preparation, birth trauma, trauma associated with women's health issues and offering parenting and partnering support.

The techniques offered will be a combination of all that I use and many of which I have created myself in order to work holistically with body and mind simultaneously.  

It will be held over 4 blocks:

Block one - 18th August to the 13th of October (8 weeks)


-> 2 full days (18th of August and 8th of September) 

-> Weekly 2 hour sessions (Tuesdays 1pm to 3pm AEST)

-> One on one session with B between blocks 


-> Be able to implement skills into current practice and/or start offering free sessions for practice

Block two - 4th November to the 6th of December (5 weeks) 


-> 1 full day (10th of November) 

-> Weekly 2 hour sessions (Will stay at Tuesdays if this suits the majority) 

-> One on one session with B between blocks 


-> Start providing paid services if not already, expand services you're already offering 

Block three - 3rd February to the 28th of March (8 weeks) 


-> 1 full day (2nd of February) 

-> Weekly 2 hour sessions (day and time TBC once mentorship has commenced) 

-> One on one session with B between blocks 


-> Deepen practice to serve mind and body as a whole  

Block four - 28th of April to the 21st June (8 weeks) 


-> Weekly 2 hour sessions (day and time TBC once mentorship has commenced) 


-> Business support and supervision to support your practice 


There will be recommend reading and listening throughout the mentorship as well. How much of this you do will be up to you. 

Payment plans are available. My preferred plan would be $200 fortnightly payments however if you would like to discuss another alternative please just email me. 

If you have any other questions please email me. 

So looking forward to evolving with you! xx B

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