Financial Self Care with Melissa Browne

Financial Self Care with Melissa Browne

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Are you really practising self-care if you’re not including your finances?

In this webinar Melissa will run us through:
• How to create a financial self care routine
• What do you believe? Identifying your money story
• How to clean up your money environment
• Eliminating the trap of bad debt
• Understanding the power of compounding returns
• Marathons & Sprints

Leaving money out of your self-care routine is like trying to meditate in a room full of mosquitos. If the noise of the mosquitos droning doesn’t push you out of your deep state, the itchiness of the bites soon will.

Mel will teach you how to bring awareness to your finances through busting myths and giving you practical ways to remove your financial overwhelm and move you forward.
Learn with ex-financial advisor, ex-accountant, global best-selling author & now financially independent in her own right (after coming back from less than nothing in her 30s), Melissa Browne.

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