Special Events Checklist

Mother’s Day & Birthday Events Checklist

Has your partner ever made an absolute meal out of Mother’s Day (without making you an actual meal!)? Did you find yourself hosting brunch for their mother? Or were you up at the crack of dawn with the kids, making breakfast with your little ‘helpers’? 

Have you ever booked your own birthday dinner? Or ordered your own birthday gift because it was just easier?

Do you spend your special day dreaming of a hot cuppa in peace? Or a bubble bath alone? Or perhaps a day off chores, meals and nappies? And a break from the constant buzz in your head that is every bit of family organising?

Have you ever just felt a little let down on one of these special days? And not sure how to make your partner understand it’s just the little things that make your day?

This checklist is for you. 

It’s a special events checklist giving some clear guidelines for days such as Mother’s Day and your birthday. It’s completely customisable – you just select what options you value.

You see, from what you’ve all told me, most mums don’t want flashy gifts. A sleep in, a coffee in peace, a handwritten card (made in a partner-supervised kids’ craft session for an extra million bonus points) and a little bit of ‘me’ time.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your next special day the way you deserve to.


I get how frustrating it is that a checklist has to be provided at all. We don’t need one, so why should they?

I just want you to know that you’re #neveralone with these frustrations. Most of our partners need this. For me, I’d rather print this off as a guide than sitting there in silence, pissed off as another special day passes without the kind of celebrations that make me feel valued.
I think this is all part of positive communication, and addressing issues that are frustrating us in a constructive way by identifying what you need and feel.