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My sexual function has improved which is great for me and my relationship. My husband recently commented that he can feel a difference when we have sex.

JR, mum of 1

You’ve not only changed my life physically for the better… you have helped direct me down an amazing path of discovery as a mum, woman and midwife.

KL, midwife, mum of 1

I’ve just been reflecting on my labour and I honestly don’t think it would’ve been the experience it was without what I’d learned from your course. I felt prepared and excited for it.

LB, mum of 1

I have used B’s program for both myself, and as a resource to refer my pregnant and postnatal patients to. It is incredibly well thought out and clearly presented with an informative mix of anatomical theory and practical exercise. It is a fantastic tool for helping women to heal, strengthen and reconnect with their bodies prior to after giving birth.

Jess Weatherall

I know if I had done this prior to having my first child that birth would have been so much better

SA, Mum of 4

Affordable, simple and effective

SH Mum of 2

This knowledge is something I will continue to be grateful for, for the rest of my life.

RG Mum of 4

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Great for core and floor connection.

As a midwife and 35yo woman, I found this course to be very useful. I started it during 2 weeks of self- iso (perfect timing). It's given me greater knowledge into how to connect with and use my core and floor than anything I've come across yet. And I can now share good info and a recommendation to do this course with women I care for 🙂 yey!

Posted 1 month ago

I started using restore after having a birth I didn’t feel overly great about and peeing myself at any sign of a sneeze. With my second pregnancy, I used the pregnancy program and watched the antenatal classes. I felt so much more trust in my body and the birthing process and ended up with a very quick, natural birth using horse’s breath like a mad woman. It was the most empowering experience.

Posted 2 months ago
Epic Pregnancy Prep

Wow, honestly, where was this when I was pregnant 10 and 7 years ago and how lucky was I to find this in 2020 with my third pregnancy. Not only does the pregnancy course give you invaluable information but it keeps you active in the best way possible and is completely safe for the whole pregnancy & 100% prepares you for what is to come at the end and keeps that pelvic floor strong. 100% recommend.

Posted 3 months ago
Fantastic program for keeping fit during pregnancy!

With 2 & 3.5 year old boys, staying fit and active has been a big goal of mine this pregnancy. I’m nearly 36 weeks, still moving my body everyday and feeling so good for it. I have learnt so much in preparation for labour and birth from the program too. Will be completing the restore program (for the second time!) postpartum, can’t wait!

Posted 4 months ago
Amazing results!

Thanks so much B! I had a huge 8 finger abdominal gap after giving birth and was told by physio that it was just part of giving birth and to avoid general housecleaning and holding my bub for awhile! SO glad I found this course. My gap halved in the first 2 weeks and I had a check up yesterday and there is no gap or depth 🙂 I am so proud and excited. Looking forward to starting Strengthen.

Posted 4 months ago
Speedy post birth recovery

Thanks B! I feel stronger and fitter post birth than I did with my first baby 5 years ago! The course has also helped me get back into exercise and remain focussed. Now on to the Strengthen Course!

Posted 4 months ago
Don’t hesitate to buy this program!

Seriously B is epic! I went to my chiro last weekend and she asked to check my diastatis recti situation and was super impressed with my core strength at 9 weeks pp. She said I only had a minor separation remaining around my belly button. I told her what I’d been doing (c+f pregnancy and c+f restore) and she said normally she’d give some exercises but in my case ‘keep doing what you’re doing!’

Posted 6 months ago

Thanks B!!!! Fantastic course! Thank you for passing on all of your knowledge to help us ladies restore and recover! Helping to build confidence and creating stronger women to feel more empowered. Loved every bit Of it! I feel more knowledgeable going into everyday movements.

Posted 7 months ago
Amazing support

At all times this course enables you to feel safe and empowered at the same time. Loved it!

Posted 8 months ago
Fits into my lifestyle easily

Love B’s strengthen program! With various workouts and durations I can always find something to keep me motivated and interested. Super easy to follow one workout with another for a full body workout. Have had the program for over 6 months now and I’m still finding new workouts. Can highly recommend. Great value for money!

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