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My sexual function has improved which is great for me and my relationship. My husband recently commented that he can feel a difference when we have sex.

JR, mum of 1

You’ve not only changed my life physically for the better… you have helped direct me down an amazing path of discovery as a mum, woman and midwife.

KL, midwife, mum of 1

I’ve just been reflecting on my labour and I honestly don’t think it would’ve been the experience it was without what I’d learned from your course. I felt prepared and excited for it.

LB, mum of 1

I have used B’s program for both myself, and as a resource to refer my pregnant and postnatal patients to. It is incredibly well thought out and clearly presented with an informative mix of anatomical theory and practical exercise. It is a fantastic tool for helping women to heal, strengthen and reconnect with their bodies prior to after giving birth.

Jess Weatherall

I know if I had done this prior to having my first child that birth would have been so much better

SA, Mum of 4

Affordable, simple and effective

SH Mum of 2

This knowledge is something I will continue to be grateful for, for the rest of my life.

RG Mum of 4

B, what can I say, you are a truly, epically amazing person! As a mum of 2, and 36weeks pregnant with my third I was experiencing anxiety about the birth and had concerns about my ability to connect and care for my newborn baby. You have been amazing! I really appreciated the way you listened to my concerns, without rushing me but always checking to make sure that you understood. You also made me feel comfortable and normalised the way I was feeling which allowed me to truly open up so I could get the help I needed. Once you had a grasp on what my concerns were, you start to build a picture of what these are and what is important for right now. This made all my overwhelming random stresses seem manageable! And then we started planning and coming up with strategies I could use to help turn things around! You didn’t push your ideas onto me but at the same time would spend longer unpacking an idea if I was unsure. From the very first chat we had I could now see a path of steps I could take that might make a difference! I can’t say I was strong and definite enough at that point to know it definitely would but you had my back! You kept reminding me of my positives and were happy to make sure I was accountable with some daily encouragement! I was so lucky to be able to work with you face to face but you’re such a kind, supportive, informed and passionate person that even via phone or FaceTime you would make a difference! Taking the steps we discussed at a pace I’m comfortable with and with your support to keep me accountable I noticed a difference almost straight away and after a couple of weeks I was getting lovely comments from friends and family who let me know I was doing better! So far that has meant I can reframe my negativity, focus on positives in my day, plan and educate myself to overcome my anxiety and most importantly stay off medication! As I said you’re amazing at everything you do but when it comes to life coaching you have helped me so much! Thank you!!!!

M S Mum of 3

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Posted 1 week ago
Amazing support

At all times this course enables you to feel safe and empowered at the same time. Loved it!

Posted 4 weeks ago
Fits into my lifestyle easily

Love B’s strengthen program! With various workouts and durations I can always find something to keep me motivated and interested. Super easy to follow one workout with another for a full body workout. Have had the program for over 6 months now and I’m still finding new workouts. Can highly recommend. Great value for money!

Posted 1 month ago

Love this program! I feel so much stronger & I cannot stop recommending this program to everyone. B is hilarious! Thank you!

Posted 3 months ago
Learn so much and keep fit during pregnancy!

I really wish I had found this course at the beginning of my pregnancy. From the moment I became pregnant I was looking for exercises that were safe to do and would also prepare me for labour and birth. I went to see a women's physio, but the information they gave me does not even compare to what I've learned in this course. Worth every penny!

Posted 3 months ago

Amazing and empowering. I have learnt so much about my body and healing and feel like I am finally doing exercises properly! Thankyou B

Posted 3 months ago
EPIC PREPARATION COURSE! A must have and a must do and a must live experience!

B was invited to train us in her restore course at my workplace just a month before I got pregnant! It means I was already learning to restore my core and pelvic floor even before my labour and birth. The pregnancy program prepared me mentally, physically and emotionally for The great event of my life which I took ownership only because of the knowledge, inspiration and motivation from B! TQ!!!

Posted 3 months ago
Life changing!

This program is amazing! I couldn't recommend it more. It has helped me prepare, heal and strengthen my body so much. My knowledge of my pelvic floor & core has grown incredibly and feel so much better for it. I am loving incorporating this into my life as it is so achievable. Thank you B xx

Posted 3 months ago
The complete package!

B's Core and Floor Pregnancy program is the BEST investment I have made this whole pregnancy! I love everything about it, from the evidence based learning about pregnancy and labour, to the exercise workouts, my increased awareness around core and floor engagement and links to other awesome resources and service providers. I literally bounce out of bed every morning to log in and learn. It is Epic

Posted 3 months ago
Brilliant. Easy to follow and incorporate into my busy day.

Thanks B

Posted 3 months ago
EPIC course!

Amazing course, very comprehensive, suitable for all levels of understanding. Fantastic prep for pregnancy, labour, birth & the postnatal period.

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