Bernadette (B)

Founder and Creator of all things Core & Floor

Hey! I’m B. And I’m here to support you through pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.

I’m a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother, published academic and speaker. I’ve worked as a midwife in Australia and overseas since 2007, across homebirth, large city hospitals and in remote First Nations communities.

I hold a Bachelor of Midwifery (Distinction) with First Class Honours and a Master of Public Health. I was also awarded the Sidney Sax medal for best overall performance in my masters.

While continuing to grow Core & Floor, helping people like you through the mental and physical challenges of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I’d also like to complete a PhD (one day ;-)).

I understand your pregnancy and postpartum challenges from both a professional and personal perspective. I’ve been through incontinence and have recovered from prolapse. I get what you’re going through, I understand the family juggle and can help you heal and feel confident in your body.

When I’m not connecting with amazing people the world over, or studying to learn even more in this space, you’ll find me out in the bush camping, hiking or splashing in the bath with my boys.

Bernadette (B) is available for

Birth Preparation

The process of mentally readying yourself for birth. There are many things you can do and think about to give yourself a positive, empowering birth experience. This can include debriefing previous births and losses.

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Birth Debrief

An opportunity for you to tell and honour your birth story. To unpack how it happened and why certain decisions were made. I believe every brith deserves it's story to be heard. There is no criteria here, your story is valid and worth hearing.

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Postnatal Support

Those first few weeks and months are hard. The sleepless nights combined with cluster feeding, hormones and birth recovery can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But you are not alone.

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Core & Floor Chats

Struggling with the head fuckery that comes with core and pelvic floor issues? Not sure what's going on for you or where to start? Needing to just tell someone your story so that you can work through it? Never fear, I am here and there isn't an issue I haven't heard about when it comes to this space. Come chat with me and let's get you started on your healing journey.

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Maternity Worker's Mentorship

Feeling stuck in your career? Struggling within the system? Unsure of what’s next? Or need to debrief some of your experiences? This chats are open to all maternity care workers not just midwives.

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Internal Release Sessions

Would you like to reconnect with your vulva and internal space? These in person sessions, located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, are a beautiful way to release, reconnect and interpret your body's story.

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