Author | Speaker | Presenter

As a midwife, published academic and core & pelvic floor specialist, I am booked to speak and present at corporate events, in workplaces and at professional conferences around the world. I can present both in person and online on topics including:

  • Protecting and facilitating physiological birth
  • The physical and emotional transition to motherhood 
  • Honouring the postpartum journey: professionally and personally 
  • The midwives role in core and pelvic floor health throughout the continuum 
  • Connection, Compassion and Healing: how we can heal emotionally and physically as women
  • Healing from Birth Trauma 
  • Managing and healing from core and pelvic floor issues 

If you would like to talk further about booking me as a speaker or presenter at your workplace, conference or event, please get in contact below.

One on one chats, guidance and advice

Making time for you on a one-to-one basis is an honour. To book in a birth debrief, birth preparation, postnatal support session, midwifery mentorship or an internal release session, please book a consult below. 

Even if you’re not entirely sure what you want to cover, we can talk through anything and everything in your session. So don’t get too caught up in which consult you book, just book in any and we can go from there.

I wish I could answer every personal question I get across socials and email. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number I receive, I cannot provide the individualised guidance I’d like to offer on those channels. For individual advice and to unpack stories around your pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood, please book a consult.

We Proudly Support

I’m passionate about giving back. About supporting and creating opportunities for those less fortunate. And so percentage of every sale from Core & Floor goes directly to: