Prepare, restore and strengthen: Find your best self.

Supporting you through the physical, emotional and mental challenges of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. We’ve got this.

Why choose Core & Floor?

Core & Floor Restore encompasses preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum programs and services developed by me, Bernadette Lack. I’m a midwife, personal trainer, mother and published academic. And I have personally healed from prolapse and incontinence.

My programs prepare you for motherhood and beyond by addressing the physical and mental challenges that arise through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Embracing mental, emotional and physical resilience on your way to and throughout your parenting journey.

Move and connect

You are made to move. Your body needs movement to heal and feel good. Just a little each day. My programs help you physically and mentally reconnect with your body to prepare, restore, strengthen and build confidence.

Core & Pelvic Floor Online Programs

4 Self Paced Education + Exercise Programs

Whether you’re looking to prepare, restore or strengthen your core and pelvic floor, I’ve got an online program for you. Jammed pack with evidence informed research and movement to enable you to find your best self, regardless of life stage..

Live Online Classes

15, 25, 30 & 45 Min Online Classes

Having trouble with accountability? Finding it hard to stay on track? I get it. These classes are for you. Choose from Connection, Lengthen, Strengthen, Pilates, Dance or harder cardio and weights sessions. No need to organise child care, show up as you are, wherever you are. We’ll move our bodies with connection and compassion. Go at your own pace - modified for all fitness levels.

Core & Floor workshops

In Person Workshops

Core & Floor hits the road! Kickstart your journey to a balanced core and pelvic floor with my face-to-face workshops across Australia. Check out my upcoming workshops and please get in touch if you’d like to organise a workshop near you.

Your online community for modern Motherhood

A place to connect with other mums and share the journey of motherhood in a safe, compassionate and loving space.

Holding and Centering the Mother

Self-paced, Online Courses

Modern Western culture has lost sight of the rites of passage and rituals around motherhood. With this, we have lost the ways we nurture women into motherhood and support them physically, mentally and emotionally throughout parenthood. Holding the Mother and Centering the Mother are online courses for early postpartum and parenthood that give you the village you deserve to help you heal and create a powerful, memorable motherhood.

The Modern Mum Village

Online Coaching with a difference

Great at looking after everyone else? Got the snacks covered and the to-do lists written? But what about you? And are you doing this life the way you want to? Where are you at in your motherhood and/or partnering journey and are you enjoying it? The Modern Mum Village is here to emotionally support you. Work through your stories, shift the ones that are no longer serving you and turn up in a way that feels good to you, in all that you do, guilt-free!


Online Video Webinars

Watch my webinars in the comfort of your own home at any time that suits you. From mental birth preparation to preparing your pelvic space for birth. These short, sharp and evidence-based videos build your confidence through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

One on One

Online or in Person Consults

Helping you one-on-one with birth preparation, debriefing birth experiences, providing individualised advice for pelvic floor and core challenges and supporting you through postpartum and parenthood. We love making space for you on a personal basis to get you the answers and support you need throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey. Partners or other support people are also very welcome to attend.

Allied Health Professionals play a crucial role in helping us manage our issues during pregnancy, labour & postpartum.
Finding one, however, can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have created a list of recommendations to help you find the perfect fit.
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Everything you need for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum adventures. I’ve got you

Meet B

Hey! I’m B. And I’m here to support you through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

I’m a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother and published academic. I’ve worked as a midwife in Australia and overseas since 2007, across homebirth, large city hospitals and in remote First Nations communities.

I hold a Bachelor of Midwifery with honours and a Master of Public Health. I was also awarded the Sidney Sax medal for best overall performance in my masters.

While continuing to grow Core & Floor, helping people like you through the mental and physical challenges of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I’d also like to complete a PhD.

I understand your pregnancy and postpartum challenges from both a professional and personal perspective. I’ve experienced incontinence since I was 19 and have had an anterior wall prolapse. I’ve suffered with hyperemesis gravidum and pelvic girdle pain. I get what you’re going through, I understand the head f*%kery of these issues along with the family juggle that occurs simultaneously to healing. My goal is for you to feel epic in your body so you can do with it what you need and want to!

When I’m not connecting with amazing women the world over, or studying to learn even more in this space, you’ll find me out in the bush camping, hiking or connecting with my two boys and epic lover.

We Proudly Support

I’m passionate about giving back. About supporting and creating opportunities for those less fortunate. And so a percentage of every sale from Core & Floor goes directly to:


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