Core & Floor Workout Lives and Recordings - Monthly Subscription

Core & Floor Workout Lives and Recordings - Monthly Subscription

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Get monthly access to all the live sessions and recordings you want!

$15 a month, no sign up fee and you can cancel anytime. The most epic subscription body and mind subscription on the planet*!

*we may hold some bias ;-)  

Please note that our timetable is subject to change as our instructors are unwell or on holidays. Canceled live classes will not be rescheduled.  

Customer Reviews

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Crystal (Melbourne, AU)
Accessible, encouraging, and fun!

The value is next level. The range is incredible. The community is great. I have nothing but good things to say about the live classes. I've felt so motivated and supported and I love the gentle reminders that a class is about to start to prompt me to think about movement. Thank you so much 💕

Customer (Perth, AU)
For every mother

These classes have honestly been a godsend for me after having my second child. There is a great variety of class, whether you want to have a full-on workout or stretch or restore, there is something for you. Most of the classes are between 15-25 minutes so i can squeeze one in while my 6 month old crawls nearby. The longer lengthen and yoga classes are perfect to unwind in the evenings. I loved doing reformer classes before I was pregnant, and honestly thought I would be desperate to get back. These classes are way better because I can actually do them every day without bartering for support from my husband (also way cheaper!) I am in Perth, so mostly do the recordings, but try to get on live when I can. B does not disappoint with her banter and old school pop references!

Sign up and you will be rewarded!

R. (Sydney, AU)
If you do one thing for your health this year…

Committing to the live classes was the best investment I’ve made to my health in a long time. I’m 4 months PP and I hesitated - how will I make this work with a newborn - but it turns out I could because it’s so accessible. I remember a few times I even joined a class from bed, just to be there and move my body. The teachers create such a beautiful community you really feel like you’re in the room together. And the recordings are epic, if I can’t make the live I make sure I pop one on almost every day. Even if only 15 mins I never regret it. At my 6 week pelvic floor physio check I was told my pelvic floor was epic and surprisingly recovered for someone who had been through the birth I did, plus my ab separation was back to normal. I put this down to starting these classes in the first few weeks post birth with a very gentle approach. Thank you for making this so accessible!

M.C. (Canberra, AU)
Epic, accessible and best value

The classes are so great. The variety, the options to meet you where you're at, the kindness with which the instructors speak about our amazing bodies and encourage you to aswell. It's just what you need in life. Encouragement to move and cheering you on while you do. Plus it's amazing value. I can't say enough good things.

Elise J (Brisbane, AU)
Amazing value, quality and variety

I absolutely love these classes!! I do a recorded class every morning when I wake up and I (and my whole family) benefit from it! It wakes me up and gets the endorphins flowing. Being a recording means I can pause it if I get interrupted by small humans and I can save my favourite workouts to re-do. There’s a great range of classes (I love the strengthen and the power Pilates classes best!) and I particularly love that all the classes have modifications so you can adjust the workout depending on where you’re at on the day. The technical knowledge and level of explanation and guidance is each class is incredible. It’s worth signing up just to attend B’s classes-the entertainment, singing and most importantly the amazing support and genuine love she has for this community means you finish the class with your body feeling great and your soul feeling nourished like you just had a warm hug. I can’t recommend these classes enough.

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