Emotionally Preparing for Birth

Emotionally Preparing for Birth

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The most effective ways to emotionally & mentally prepare for birth and beyond.

Duration: 90 minutes 

Emotional and mental preparation for birth is vital. It can be the difference between a positive birth experience and one that feels out of control or scary. The more emotional and mental preparation you do, the more confident and safe you will feel no matter what path your labour and birth take.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • All the tips and tricks to build birth confidence and feel safe throughout your labour, birth and early postpartum.
  • How to look at birth as a journey rather than an outcome.
  • To understand the difference between your wants (what we can map out) and your needs (how you can enjoy birth and feel safe).
  • How you can feel safe during labour and birth no matter what path your birth takes.
  • To understand your belief systems around birth and how they affect your journey.
  • To address your fears, and feel safe during labour and birth regardless of who is there, where you’re birthing or how you’re birthing.
  • How to move out of birthing like a good girl and ensure you don’t birth in the fawn/people pleaser/good girl state! Bring out that badass birthing woman within!


    This online workshop is suitable for those that are pregnant, partners, birth support people and birth workers (midwives, doulas, doctors).

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    You can also check out Birth Time: The Documentary that explores why so many women are exposed to physical and emotional trauma during birth.
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