Giving Birth with Prolapse

Giving Birth with Prolapse

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How to prepare for a positive birth with prolapse

Duration: 2 hours with some questions at the end. 

Have you been diagnosed with prolapse? Are you concerned about your prolapse during pregnancy and birth? Or do you just want to know a bit more about birth and it's connection with prolapse in order to decrease your risk of it occurring? 

This webinar is ideal for every birthing person. The majority of us experience prolapse at some point in our life and so this content is important for anyone about to give birth. That way you can reduce risk and understand prolapse healing and management should you start to experience symptoms after pregnancy and birth.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • All the information you need to make an informed decision about birthing with prolapse and what feels right for you.
  • All birth options available to you when birthing with prolapse, this includes vaginal and caesarean options.
  • How to have a nourishing and positive pregnancy and postpartum that reduces your chances of worsening symptoms and sets you up for effective symptom management.
  • How birth mapping all labour and birth eventualities will help you feel better prepared and more confident for birth with prolapse.

This webinar is suitable for pregnant people, partners, birth support people and birth workers (midwives, doulas, doctors).

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