Salty Sisters Trio

Salty Sisters Trio

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Can't decide which one to try? then make this trio of salty sisters yours (or share around with the ones you love but I am warning you, they are hard to part with hehe)

Soak Mama: ultimate relaxation blend for pregnancy and postpartum (which is forever)
Soothe Mama: healing herbal blend for post-birth recovery using organic ingredients
Soul Mama: chakra balancing blend to release negative energy and restore to a high vibration

Please read below for a more detailed description of each blend which is made in small batches by Jenna (Midwife, Mama, Maker)
and include a non-bleached cotton bath tea bag for a mess free floral bath option

SOAK MAMA Relaxation Bath Blend


Ideal for pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, this restorative bath soak promotes deep rest & relaxation of the body, mind & spirit. Organic herbs & botanicals are hand blended with pure Ayervedic oil for a nourishing bathing ritual.


Add 3-4 tbsp for a floral bath or add to bath tea bag for a mess free option


Can also be used as a foot soak/scrub for a luxurious foot treatment.

SOUL MAMA Chakra Balancing Bath Soak


Clear, charge & balance your chakra energy centres with an aromatic blend of dried botanicals & minerals. Believed to have a deeply grounding & detoxifying effect on the body, Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals are used to release negativity & raise your vibrational energy. Bathe with intention & revitalise the spirit in a nourishing self-care ritual

SOOTHE MAMA Post-Birth Bath Tea


Nurture your post-birth body with a soothing blend of Epsom salts, dried herbs & botanicals designed to relieve perineal discomfort & haemorrhoids, whilst alleviating postpartum aches and pains. Each ingredient has been carefully selected & hand blended to accelerate healing & promote a quicker recovery.


Create a shallow sitz bath using the cotton bath tea bag provided and gently soak that tender tooshie. Alternatively, brew 3-4 tbsp of bath tea (like a cup of tea) and add the liquid infusion to your shallow bath, peri bottle or mist onto maternity pads.

Made by Jenna from Seasons of Mama, for you

Organic + Small batch + Handmade

Cruelty Free + Vegan


For external use only. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about the use of this product
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