Hello! I’m so glad you’re here… My name is Kylie, I’m a mum and kiwi-trained midwife with over 15 years experience in the maternity world and my calling is to help women to know the enrichment and joy that can come from birthing in their power- however that may look for them. This motivation has seen me work clinically across many elements of childbirth care provision and in many environments.

From homebirth and continuity of care, to birth centre, tertiary and private hospitals- I have experience in antenatal, labour & birth and postpartum care. I’ve spent time working in a range of roles including policy writing, childbirth education, obstetric emergency training, midwifery up-skilling, case study review, advisory panels, managing midwifery staff, mentorship, and of course many years of face-to-face care of birthing people and their families- my absolute favourite!

As well as a BHSc (Midwifery), I hold a Master of Women’s Health Medicine and I love to integrate information sharing and intuitive decision making into my practice to enable women to make choices that feel safe and true for them. While thriving in protecting physiological birth, I also really enjoy trouble-
shooting and helping those who don’t ‘fit into a box’ to navigate a challenging maternity system to achieve the best birth possible for them.

My hope is that all birthing people can feel heard, central and respected in their story of birth and that through the process of unpacking your story, together we can put the pieces back in a way that feels lighter, more positive and whole.

Kylie is available for

Birth Debrief

An opportunity for you to tell and honour your birth story. To unpack how it happened and why certain decisions were made. I believe every brith deserves it's story to be heard. There is no criteria here, your story is valid and worth hearing.

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Birth Preparation

Birth preparation is the process of mentally readying yourself for birth. There are many things you can do and think about to give yourself a positive, empowering birth experience. I am a highly experienced midwife in both hospital and home birth settings. I would love to help you prepare for your upcoming birth.

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Postnatal Support

This is your session to address your individual needs and discuss your own situation. You can talk about anything you’d like to. Really, nothing postpartum is off-limits. My advice is tailored to your body, your baby and your own story.

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