Lift Me Up!

You’ve put in the work and completed core and floor restore (or feel like you are ready to take on the next step). Maybe you are excited to get back to weight training after some time off.  Perhaps you have always wanted to try it out but you were never quite sure on proper form.  Still not sure? After seeing the list of benefits below you may feel ready to invest in yourself. Grab your heavier weights (or household items) and let’s get started!

Why weight training?

  • Improve your ability to do everyday activities with confidence in your body
  • Develop strength in supporting muscles so you can get back to the activities you want to be enjoying! (hiking, running, surfing, box jumps…). 
  • Not only to have strong muscles to do the things you love (and support your pelvic floor!) but research shows strength training supports bone and joint health - an investment your future self will thank you for!
  • Long term benefit on cognitive function, your brain will thank you too (aka a decrease risk in dementia)