Mum Rage Sesh

Anger needs movement, it loves it. It's why our children want to hit, bite, kick, stomp and do all the body things when they feel it. And we are no different. 

Except we are ;-) 

So come, let's get a little angry together and move it in a healthy way. 

You'll need some props for this class so come prepared with some pillows/cushions that can be thrown or a drawer full of socks. Some paper that can be torn or sticks that can be (easily) snapped. We won't use everything every session and you don't need any of it if you don't have it or CBF however if you plan on doing this session a lot, maybe have a rage kit set up that you can bring to class (pop in it any envelopes, old mail that can be torn, old tissue boxes etc during the week so it's ready to go for our sesh!). 

I'm excited about this one and can't wait to move some feelings with you all xx B