Personal, tailored advice from pregnancy through postpartum

There are many questions, concerns and uncertainties that arise throughout pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum and parenting. Connecting with you,
listening to and honouring your stories in my one-on-one chats allows me to support you on an individual basis with advice and guidance that meet your needs and goals.

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Anonymous (Sydney, AU)
Birth debrief

I had a debrief with Kylie today and my gosh she is a beautiful beautiful human! Felt so incredibly safe sharing my story with her and felt so much lighter after our chat. Definitely still have a lot of inner work to do but she has helped me immensely with processing my birth. Thank you thank you thank you 🤍🤍🤍

Michelle R (Sydney, AU)
Cannot thank you enough!

B, I just wanted to say a massive thank you - the birth debrief was EXACTLY what I needed to reset and realise that what happened in the past doesn’t dictate the future. And with the birth of my son, I truly felt like this time I was in charge and could (and would) make decisions that would ultimately make me feel empowered regardless of the sequence of events in the birth (which we don’t necessarily have control over).

To say I was proud of myself, and my husband I should add, for the roles we played in the birth is an understatement. We both stepped up and got it done - I told my husband he wins the award for the best doula in 2024. And no word of a lie, he only got that award because he listened to your podcast and watched your prenatal webinars. He didn’t ask me questions but just offered things to me like drinks etc. He was so present and was my biggest cheerleader.

Anywho, just saying thank you seems so inadequate because you helped to lay the foundation and to create the most epic moment of my life to date. So I hope that makes you feel amazing - because you are.

A.M. (Melbourne, AU)
Beyond valuable!

I cannot recommend having a birth debrief enough! I have had two birth debrief sessions with Meg. She is an empathetic listener and guided me to some really powerful insights into my birth story and my wider life story in general. I left each session feeling totally heard, validated, and empowered, with very practical tools about how to work with my difficult experiences. I would highly recommend Meg and encourage all women to have a birth debrief! Life changing!

S. (Melbourne, AU)
Something every mum should do!

Dear B,
Last week I had a birth debrief with you, and it was so much more loving than I ever expected. Your words opened my soul to more answers than I expected, and after just one day I know I will heal with more time.
I know I was very tense at the beginning of our chat, but by then end it felt like I went from raw pasta to cooked spaghetti.
My body was soft, my emotions were flowing and my mind was gentle to me.
Whilst this journey will be ongoing, I need to thank you for being a part of it and helping me get this far.

Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)
I wish everybody knew about this!

Wowee! I recently did a birth debrief with the wonderful Meg and I did not know how enormous this experience would be. Meg listened to both my birth stories and helped me process traumatic events that had a real hold on me and had seeped into my parenting. She held space for me to rage, cry and give my vulnerable past self the compassion I truly needed at the time. She helped me understand things that were happening in my life and how they were related to my first birth. Whilst the work is ongoing, I feel like she helped give me get my power back. Thank you, Meg.


Birth Preparation

The process of mentally readying yourself for birth. There are many things you can do and think about to give yourself a positive, empowering birth experience. This can include debriefing previous births and losses.

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Birth Debrief

Tell and honour your birth story. Every birth, regardless of where it happens or how, is transformative. Every birth story deserves to be heard. There is no criteria here, your story matters. Here is your chance for it to be heard and unpacked.

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Postnatal Support

Those first few weeks and months are hard. The sleepless nights combined with cluster feeding, hormones and birth recovery can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But you are not alone.

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Parenting and Partnering Support

Parenting can be challenging to navigate. If you’re finding it hard, and somewhat overwhelming, you are not alone. It can be easy to lose connection with yourself, your partner and your children. In these one-on-one support sessions, we dive into feelings of rage, emotional expression, partner resentment, parenting and relationship hardships, and how you can centre yourself as a mother or parent in order to rediscover the joy in both parenting and partnering. We can talk through anything you need.

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Core & Floor Chats

Struggling with the head fuckery that comes with core and pelvic floor issues? Not sure what's going on for you or where to start? Needing to just tell someone your story so that you can work through it? Never fear, I am here and there isn't an issue I haven't heard about when it comes to this space. Come chat with me and let's get you started on your healing journey.

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Maternity Worker's Mentorship

Feeling stuck in your career? Struggling within the system? Unsure of what’s next? Or need to debrief some of your experiences? This chats are open to all maternity care workers not just midwives.

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Online Session with B

Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, deep in the trenches or well past them, I am here for you. These sessions are yours, a time to connect and get your needs met. Feel a whole lot more clear in your mind and connected to your body, drop in and feel your feelings, work through what's needed to help them be processed and leave with more strategies to keep dropping into your power and doing YOU!  

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Meet the Team

Whether it’s a birth prep or debrief, postpartum support or talking through your specific challenges, I am honoured to help you one-on-one. Due to high demand, I’ve grown my team to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it. These legends have undertaken my mentorship program and bring their own exceptional skills, knowledge and experience. I know they’re going to give you the support you need. You can learn about each practitioner below and choose who you’d like to book your session with. We look forward to honouring your story and guiding you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

I’m Ali! I’m a mum, a wife, sister, daughter and friend. I live amongst the trees in Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne. My vibe is warm, supportive and sensitive. My favourite thing is to cut the small talk...
Hello! I'm so glad you’re here… My name is Kylie, I’m a mum and kiwi-trained midwife with over 15 years experience in the maternity world and my calling is to help women to know the enrichment and joy that can come...
I hold a wide range of ‘titles’ in my life, but my favourites are Mama of two fun loving kids and the secondly, a birth and postpartum doula.  I support women and birthing people along with their villages in their...
My name is Meg and I am a mum of one and Social Worker with almost 20 years of counselling experience, working predominately in maternity hospital settings.  I practice from a strengths-based, trauma-informed lens, and I believe in the healing...
Bernadette (B)
I’m a midwife, personal trainer, mother of two and have a Master of Public Health. There’s a lot that we can talk through.

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