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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paloma Rubio (Melbourne, AU)
Epicness all around!

I just watched the webinar for student midwives and I absolutely loved it. I am so willing to be part of whatever you B is planning for July to support students on a more ongoing basis :) Just putting it out there haha
I start midwifery in a couple of weeks and the webinar has really helped me reflect on the stories I was telling myself, questioning if they were true and if they were serving me. Tomorrow morning I am writing down new stories that serve me and I will find the evidence to confirm them.
This webinar was so much more than I expected. While I expected practical, easy tips such as “sign up to ACM” or “find your people” (which there was a lot of these too), there was also a more in depth work of your own emotional responsibility and that is what I didn’t know I needed but I absolutely did.
Thank you SO much.

Anonymous (Lawson, AU)
Epic practical information and emotional healing

I wish all women with prolapse could listen to the prolapse webinar! So many nuggets but the big one for me was realising that so many women have asymptomatic prolapse. For the first time I actually feel grateful for my symptoms, because they have been leading me to make some really big, good changes. I feel hopeful and at peace with my body for the first time in months. I was also able to let go of some sadness and regret about my birth story, because I now realise how much of what unfolded in the birth was actually already present in my body, I just couldn't see it yet. We can't know what we don't know yet, and we aren't ready for something new until suddenly we are!

In my birth I struggled to stay present with my body once the birth stopped unfolding the way I wanted it to. I've realised that although I don't want to have this prolapse, every day I get to practise staying present with my body in what is actually happening, not what I want to be happening. Thank you B for giving me more understanding and healing in 2 hours than months of physio visits!

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