Emotionology Cards
Emotionology Cards
Emotionology Cards

Emotionology Cards

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  • Created by Holistic Counsellor

  • Based on Harvard research



Why it's Epic

Understanding ones emotions plays a fundamental part in mental and physical health. It is important we encourage children in their formative years to acknowledge, articulate and communicate their feelings without judgement, through the lens of positivity and acceptance.

This acceptance builds resilience, self awareness, empathy, self regulation, social awareness and ultimately self empowerment. It is these qualities that contribute significantly to boosted immunity, motivation, purpose and overall wellness and happiness. By using prompts to identify rising feelings and emotions, children are able to communicate and seek reassurance, charity and a sense of calm.

The set includes 25 emotion cards plus a Welcome card and a HELP card. Each card has affirmations on the reverse side that children are able to self regulate emotions through positivity.

The details
  • 25 Emotion Cards
  • A welcome and help card included
  • Psychologist endorsed
  • Teacher endorsed
  • Counsellor endorsed
  • Created by Holistic Counsellor
  • Based on Harvard research
  • Illustrated by 10 year old
  • Designed In Melbourne, Australia
  • Loved by Little Ones

Best for

Learning about emotions 
A classroom resource for teachers and educators 


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