Gut Loving Jelly Gummies- Dry Mix (1.1kg gummies)

Gut Loving Jelly Gummies- Dry Mix (1.1kg gummies)

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Our gut-loving jelly gummies are the kind of lollie you'll be happy for the kids to eat... by the handful!
We love gelatin because it helps to heal the gut lining and support digestive function. Gelatin is nutritionally the same as collagen (it's just a more refined version of it). Collagen works from head to toe in our bodies to: help repair and restore the lining of the gut, support muscle, hair & nail growth and repair, keep joints flexible and bones strong, and as major component of skin.

All you need to add is fruit juice, so make them any flavour you like!

Ingredients: 100% Australian bovine gelatin.

What you'll need: Fruit juice and silicone moulds (we sell the koala bear moulds here), or a baking dish - you can slice in to gummy squares.

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