Bernadette Lack

Founder and Creator

Bernadette Lack is a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother and published author. Since 2007 she has worked as a midwife across Australia and overseas. B has worked in a variety of settings from remote Aboriginal communities to large city hospitals and homebirth.

She holds a Bachelor of Midwifery with honours and a Master of Public Health. B received the Sidney Sax medal for best overall performance in her masters. She aims to complete her PhD on the outcomes of her Core and Floor Restore Course.

B understands your pregnancy and postpartum challenges from both a professional and personal perspective. She has suffered incontinence and has an anterior wall prolapse. A late diagnosis after her second birth. She gets what you’re going through and can help you heal.

Her biggest passion is helping women learn to use their bodies and minds to their greatest ability in all aspects of life.  When she isn’t working or studying you can find her out bush, camping and hiking or splashing in the bath with her boys.

The Story Behind Core & Floor

Bernadette has experienced incontinence since she was 19-years-old. In 2016, as part of her preconception care, she finally went and consulted with a women’s health physio. She was told to do her kegels, stop running and wait four months before conceiving. She did her kegels and stopped running. She kept leaking. Four months later she became pregnant.

Her pregnancy consisted of vomiting and then wetting herself multiple times a day. Often, she would be stuck in traffic soaked in urine and vomit or at women’s houses with nowhere to change her soaked incontinence pad. She became very good at turning her skirts around so that no one would notice the excess urine starting to leak out. It was disgusting. Here she was; a young, intelligent woman, wetting herself daily. Her mental health was suffering. She resented her body.

Being a lover of research, she knew there must be something she could do. So, she researched, trialled exercises, slowed it down and took it back to basics. She started leaking less. Then for the first time in over a decade she could sneeze without wetting herself.

The more time she spent with mothers, she realised that everyone around her was having difficulty healing from pregnancy and birth. Core and Floor Restore was originally developed to help the women in her community to heal. Having had so much success with the face to face program, her clients encouraged her to make it accessible to more women so that they could heal and strengthen too. So here it is!

Who we support

Bernadette is passionate about giving back. About supporting and creating opportunities for those less fortunate. A percentage of every sale from Core & Floor goes to:

  • Kiva; an international non-profit that crowdfunds loans to women around the world. It creates opportunities for women to start businesses, pay tuition fees or invest in farming equipment. Loans also help families with emergency care.
  • SANDS; Miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn death support. Sands is a volunteer-based organisation providing individualised care to bereaved parents. They aim to give hope and support for the future following the death of a baby.
  • PANDA; For 35 years PANDA has supported individuals and families to recover from perinatal depression and anxiety.
  • Rhodanthe Lipsett: Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund; a scholarship fund for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to study midwifery.
  • Djirrapreventing and addressing family violence for Aboriginal women and families.  Their programs support Aboriginal women’s journey to safety and wellbeing.


Core and Floor Restore has been created through the hard work, love and support of many epic humans. I wanted to credit them here. 

Firstly, Mellanie from Hunting Wulf Designs. The brains behind all the branding and design of Core and Floor Restore. Without her creativity and attention to detail, Core and Floor wouldn’t look as sophisticated and beautiful as it does! Mell also edited every single video you watch. Yep, every single one. She is phenomenal and I am extremely grateful to have had her on my team.

Debbie from Leodis Marketing and PR, thank you for creating the content for the website and working with Mell to design it. You are an absolute gem!  

The website and login sections were created by an incredible human who would like to remain anonymous. He is epic despite being nameless and I will forever be grateful for his intelligence and hard work. 

The amazing images used throughout the website are by  Erin Matthews Photography and Rachel Holloway Photography. Two very talented and generous women with amazing camera abilities. Thank you. 

Carly, looked after my son Banjo so that I could film, film, film! Thank you for caring for him like he is your own.  

My wonderful friend Emma. During our first time away from our children (an overnight bush walk at Wilson’s Prom) Emma told me that I had to make this dream a reality. “Every woman needs to know this stuff” she said to me and well 12 months later, here we are. She has been my sounding board, my continual support and without her this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you for always believing in me and this! 

Suse and Jess – back in 2018 they asked me to come and assess their cores. The idea for Core and Floor Restore was born, sitting on Suse’s lounge room floor, as I watched the two of them laugh and cry about their lack of knowledge of their bodies. Suse, you’re my absolute rock and I love you dearly. Without the encouragement, support and motivation you and Em have shown me, Core and Floor wouldn’t be here, online. Thank you both a million times. 

And lastly my epic husband, Michael. For not just putting up with me working all day, everyday, 7 days a week for the past 12 months but for supporting me to do so. Thanks for picking up my pieces and putting them back together, for giving me the space to work, for giving up ‘us time’ so that this could happen. Thank you for your ideas, for editing work, for believing in me continuously and most importantly, for giving this its name! Yep he did that! I promise one day soon I’ll slow down, maybe. Nah we both know I won’t! Love you lover xx