Chelsea is a Chiropractor, Pilates Instructor and Mama of one living on the beautiful Surf Coast in Vic.

After completing her studies (chiro and Pilates) in 2018, she moved down to the coast and began working in a family based practice in Geelong. She has since completed more study - a Masters of Women’s Health Medicine and Safe Return To Exercise - to better equip herself to support women and their families through preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

Whenever she is teaching, her goal is to help you to move intentionally, and make choices to support your body (but still give it a good challenge too, if that's what you're after).

Chelsea's classes are designed as a full body workout to strengthen and tone, as well as improving mobility and stability in key areas of the body. She loves that Pilates can be accessible to everyone and is the perfect combination of functional movement, body awareness, breath work and most of all, connection between mind and body. Once she found Pilates for herself, she really started to enjoy exercising and moving her body, and her hope is to share this with you too.

Her biggest hope is that you’ll feel the freedom to move how your body needs, regardless of what anyone else is doing.

When Chelsea isn't in the clinic or on the mat, you’ll probably find her pushing an empty pram with my baby in the carrier, walking my dog to the closest chai latte.