Antenatal Classes

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An eight-part online antenatal class series to guide you and your birth team through pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding.

These classes were filmed during the Covid-19 lockdown to provide a free resource for parents-to-be. They are Auslan interpreted. Each class covers different topics to help you and your birth team prepare for birth and beyond.

I was in my first trimester when filming, so please forgive me if I am at times a little emotional, my thoughts aren’t quite succinct or I look like I may just vomit. I’m sure many of you can relate!

Topics covered include:
  • Early labour
  • Active labour
  • Hormones in labour
  • Non-pharmacological pain management techniques
  • How your brain works in labour and addressing fear
  • Vaginal examinations
  • Monitoring baby
  • Waters breaking
  • Pharmacological pain management
  • Augmentation of labour
  • Cascade of intervention
  • Factors that impact your labour & birth
  • Waterbirth
  • Birth positioning and pushing
  • Tearing vs episiotomy (and decreasing the chances of both)
  • Introduction to induction (continued in class five)
  • Recap on pushing and waterbirth
  • Your placenta – how it comes out and what you can do with it
  • Cord clamping & tying
  • Stitches
  • Skin to skin contact & getting to know your body
  • Vacuum & forceps birth
  • VBAC – Vagina Birth after Caesarean
  • Natural induction of labour
  • Medical induction of labour
  • Breech birth and ECV (External Cephalic Version)
  • Caesarean birth
  • Obstetric emergencies
  • Birth maps
  • Weeing and pooing post birth
  • Postnatal blood loss
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Nappies – disposable, cloth and what to expect
  • Baby bath
  • Your Magic bag of settling tricks!
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Motherhood

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Amy-Lee P. (Sydney, AU)
BEST. RESOURCE. EVER!!! A must for all.

If nothing else, THIS is the resource that EVERY pregnant person and their partner should utilise. My partner and I watched 1 episode(?) per wk and let me tell you, we both felt so calm, comfortable and prepared for our homebirth and thereafter. He raves to all his mates how good it was, urging those with pregnant partners to watch it together, as do I. We both loved B's attitude and conversational yet professional approach. Her pride and passion for her work is clear and this brings a real sense of ease around a typically over-medicalised physiological event. Thanks B for helping to prepare me and my man for an incredibly special first birth (for what it's worth, it was less than 4hr labour, ~45min of pushing, no tearing)!!!

Mon (Melbourne, AU)
So helpful for hubby and I

My husband and I watched all the webinars in preparation for our birth. They’re fantastic!

Chelsea Mayne (Melbourne, AU)
The best

I watched these in covid and they helped sooooo much! The only thing I watched and it was all I needed. B got me so well prepared in these videos I labour and birthed like a boss for both my babies! Thanks so much for this wonderful resource B! I have passed it on to MANY friends and family! Xx

Amelia Webster (Ottawa, CA)
Thank you so much B

It is so plain how passionate you are about this, I feel so empowered after only watching the first two episodes. Can't wait to finish. Thank you ever so much for this <3

A.W. (Brisbane, AU)
10000/10 absolutely incredible!!

Since this is my second pregnancy and I took a hypnobirth class with my first I thought I knew all I need to know about labour and birth. I couldn’t be more wrong!

This women is so incredibly knowledgeable and so easy to listen to for hours. I found myself laughing and crying and learning so much amazing information. I stupidly started these classes at 40 weeks pregnant, and got through to the class about pushing before I went into labour for real.

From the moment labour started I felt so in control! The horses breath was an absolute game changer!!!!! I could literally feel the pain shift so much after I relaxed my face and hands, also whispering affirmations to myself was amazing. I stayed at home as long as I could manage the pain and with all the techniques I learnt in this course I did the whole thing drug free, we left home and after a 5 minute drive to the hospital baby was born in 2 easy pushes the second we got into the birth suite.

Thank you for changing my whole perspective and attitude towards birth. You’re epic! I’m sharing this with everyone ❤️

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