The Vaginal Birth Care Kit
The Vaginal Birth Care Kit
The Vaginal Birth Care Kit

The Vaginal Birth Care Kit

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  • An epic gift idea

  • Comes with everything you need to aid recovery



Why it's epic

From perineum swelling to stitches care, this carefully curated kit has all the essentials to support healing after a vaginal birth.


1 x Perineal Wash Bottle

1 x Postpartum Briefs

10 x Herbal Infused Postpartum Pads

1 x Warm and Cool Insert

150ml Perineal Wash

Step by Step Instruction Booklet

The details

This care kit has the basic essentials to make your postpartum recovery a comfortable one. It covers every type of birth, can go straight into your hospital bag, and makes the perfect gift for new mums.

  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Natural & organic
  • Pain relieving
  • OBGYN & Midwife Approved
How to use

Perineal Wash Bottle

An easy to use, mess free, perineal wash bottle designed to relieve the sting of urine and gently cleanse sensitive areas. 

Postpartum Briefs

A soft, stretchy and supportive recovery brief uniquely designed to accommodate a hot & cold pack and bring soothing relief where needed.

Herbal Infused Postpartum Pads

An ultra-absorbent, soft and comfortable pre-made “padsicle”. Infused with a natural blend of plants and herbs to relieve discomfort, banish odour-causing bacteria, and balance your pH.

Warm & Cool Insert

A soothing insert to quickly and easily provide heat and/or cooling relief where you need it most.

Perineal Foam

A gentle foam that effectively absorbs into sensitive skin to soothe irritation and ease discomfort associated with childbirth.

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