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You’ve grown and birthed a human, made it through the first few months or more of postpartum. And here you are. Parenting small humans is a complex balancing act of addressing their needs but also creating time for your own.

Loving yourself through motherhood and finding time for guilt free self-care makes you a better mother, partner and friend. So, here’s to making time for you, because even five minutes is better than no minutes. And you deserve it.

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Core and Pelvic Floor Programs

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An online course for mothers by Bernadette Lack & Lael Stone
Centering the Mother

It can feel taboo to admit you may not be finding total joy in your role as a mother. But you are not alone. When you are out of balance, motherhood can feel relentless and disconnected. This course guides you to:

  • Explore your stories around self-care, boundaries and self expression
  • Unpack feelings of guilt as a mother and learn to trust your intuition
  • Dive into issues like mum rage and partner resentment 
  • Connect with your body and begin to heal
  • Find balance to rediscover the joy and pleasure in both parenting and partnerships
Online Connection & Support
Modern Mum Village

Are you great at looking after everyone else?
What about you?
Unsure of what you need? And how to get it?
Do you put yourself last? Experience mum rage, resentment and a
tonne of tension?

This is online emotional coaching with a difference. We work to prioritise you and your own self-care. Bringing the best version of yourself to your family, friends and colleagues. And bringing joy and energy to you.

The next round starts the 5th of February 2024 – there’s a reason our coaching sells out every round - book now to avoid disappointment.

Motherhood Support

Motherhood is difficult to navigate. If you’re finding it hard, challenging and somewhat overwhelming, you are not alone. In these one-on-one support sessions we dive into mum rage, partner resentment, parenting and relationship hardships and how you can centre yourself as a mother and rediscover joy in both parenting and partnering.

Live Online Classes

Having trouble with accountability? Finding it hard to stay on track? I get it. These classes are for you. Choose from Connection, Lengthen, Strengthen, Pilates, Dance or harder cardio and weights sessions. No need to organise child care, show up as you are, wherever you are. We’ll move our bodies with connection and compassion. Go at your own pace - modified for all fitness levels.

Core & Floor Restore Program

Core & Floor Restore Program

Looking to heal, feel stronger, restore your core and pelvic floor and return to exercises? This is the program for you! Restore your core and pelvic floor with knowledge and exercise.
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For 3 years access

Over 8 modules (weeks) you will learn how to correctly activate, repair and strengthen your body.

What’s Included:
  • An 8 week step by step video program (theory and exercise videos) to strengthen your core & pelvic floor

    • Weeks 1 – 3 theory (so we can get this right from the beginning) + exercise videos

    • Weeks 4 – 8 exercise videos

  • Access to the program for three years

  • Welcome video from B to get you started

  • Online kick-off assessment survey (to establish and measure your progress) + a wrap-up survey to see your results (yay!)

  • PDF downloads and scripts on the theory behind the program

  • 30+ theory-based videos to guide and build foundation

  • More than 4.5 hours of exercise instruction over 8 weeks

    • You’ll complete 3 x 10-minute exercise sessions a week. These can be repeated as often as you like and combined to make longer workouts (if life allows)

  • Modifications for every level – each exercise is broken down in its own video to explain how to choose the progression that’s right for you!

  • Accountability wheel – mark off each video as you complete it and watch your wheel hit 100%. Reset it at any time should you want to repeat the program

  • Personalise your own profile page (add before pictures to compare with after photos when you succeed)

  • Online journal (to record your journey)

  • Community forum to keep you connected with other restorers

  • Motivational emails straight to your inbox to remind and support you

  • Weekly advice and continuous access to B

  • A self-paced flexible program (it doesn’t have to be 8 weeks) so you can re-set any time

  • List of equipment you’ll need

  • A program to complete in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, and around your schedule!


Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Stephanie O. (Brisbane, AU)
Mental and physical epicness

I can't speak highly enough of the work you do B - honestly the mental shift in the relationship with my body across the Restore journey has been even more significant than the physical reconnection and strengthening. These programs have been the catalyst for some massive shifts in my self-perception and motivation ❤️
To put some more detail to it -
* I've spoken before about how amazing it it to understand how my body works. Restore led to me doing some really important reflection and working through how I felt about my body post birth (lacking trust in her for a couple of reasons I think). Working through that and doing your program to reconnect with and learn to trust my body again has been so moving and massive.
* I’ve also been working really hard for a VERY long time (like….the last 10 or so years) to try and shift daily movement into something I’m intrinsically motivated to do. Something finally clicked as I moved through module seven and eight and so far I’ve been consistently doing SOMETHING every day purely bc it feels good and I know my body needs it. I can’t attribute that to anything other than your program both in increasing my attunement to my body and her communication but also your attitude and modelling through the videos. Can't wait to (hopefully) move on to Pregnancy program later this year, I'm sure it will be just as amazing!! <3

Erin Auld (Edmonton, CA)
Thank you!!!

I'm so glad I found this course (all the way from Canada here)! I discovered it when I was stressing about possible postpartum prolapse and recovery, and now have finished recovery and am working my way through the strength program. I feel so much stronger than I did even pre-pregnancy and have found the sessions to be calming and grounding in the chaos of life with a little. I've started gifting your course to friends who have had babies too.

I am so grateful to B for this program!

Anna R. (Melbourne, AU)

Hey B! Just wanted to reach out and say that your program and your antenatal classes helped me so much during my labour with our first just a couple of days ago. Horses breath is a literal game changer and all I could think of was you talking about loose lips!!! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into supporting women 🫶🏼 x

Laura Webster (Melbourne, AU)
So much more!

Hi B

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for your incredible programs. I have now completed core & floor pregnancy, restore and have signed up for strengthen.
I did miss a lot of the exercise videos in pregnancy because I started the program a bit late, but all the theory information and basic movements/breathing etc were invaluable to my birthing experience and enabled me to have the home birth I wanted.

That was back in January 2022 and since then I have given everything to my little girl, but have not prioritised my own health and needs. Inevitably, I crashed and burnt out a few months ago. I was getting migraines weekly, had no energy and was feeling pretty flat. I started your Restore program and tried some alternative therapies and felt much healthier and stronger!

It took me a little while to get through the restore program as I had an early miscarriage part way through but once I got going again, I continued to get stronger. Sometimes these videos are the only way I can switch my brain off and slow down. I am looking forward to continuing my core journey, as there are so many benefits and I just really wanted to say thank you for what you do. You are seriously improving women’s lives ❤️

Emily Brady
everything you are supposed to do but no one told you

while I'm only a little bit into the course it is absolutely amazing. The education component is so in depth and makes sense plus the videos and exercise's are achievable and broken up into small times so can be fit into a busy life.
The stuff you learn in it course is everything you should have been taught at the gym, antenatally, post partum and just in general but you were never were.

Core & Floor Strengthen Program

Take your exercise to the next level with this 12 week strength training progression program. Combined with my Restore program, you get an epic 20 week full recovery so that you can return to all that you love doing! All workouts are video based and run from 5 to 25 minutes. Follow your weekly program or make your own. Things step up a bit here whilst still giving you the modifications to choose your own level.
This program is the next step if you have completed the ‘restore’ program or you already have an epic understanding and use of your core and pelvic floor.
Regular price$99.00
Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.
3 years access

Over 12 modules (weeks) you will learn how to correctly activate, repair and
strengthen your body.

What’s Included:
  • A flexible exercise video program and library to strengthen your whole body – fully tailored to you
  • Welcome video from B to get you started
  • Choose from a weekly plan or run your own show
  • 55+ full body exercise and stretch videos
  • More than 16 hours of exercise instruction
  • Motivational emails straight to your inbox to remind and support you
  • Weekly advice and continuous access to B
  • Connect in with other Strengtheners via the Connection Forum
  • Access to the program for up to three years
  • A program to complete in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, and around your schedule!
Core & Floor Strengthen Program

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Core & Floor
restore + strengthen
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Core & Floor
pregnancy + restore + strengthen
Grab all 3 of my programs and set yourself up for an epic pregnancy and postpartum recovery
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The Mental Load checklist

A checklist to help with the mental load and help create equal domestic partnerships. Who does what? And how can you help each other out a little more.

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