Struggling to maintain accountability and stay on track?

Online exercise tailored to you - choose from Core & Floor Connection, Lengthen and Strengthen, Yoga and Pilates. Build your exercise capacity with 'Lift Me Up' and 'Back to Cardio' run by our physio Nat to ensure you return (or start) lifting weights and/or doing cardio safely. Already got capacity for something harder? Then Power + Sweat is for you!

Pregnant? We've got something for you too! Pregnancy Strengthen is all about bringing balance to our transitioning bodies. Whilst Pregnancy Nourishment is to support the aches and pains and prepare for birth and postpartum.

No need to organise childcare, brush your teeth or find a car spot! Show up as you are in the comfort of your own home. 

We understand pregnancy, postpartum and life exercise challenges, including prolapse, and will give modifications so you can ‘do you!’

Can’t make the live classes? You can watch recordings at your own convenience!

Accountability in the form of emails with the link straight to the live class AND fortnightly Q&A and motivation support with B and her team!

Join in on any device and use our app (Kajabi) for easier access to recordings!

For just $15 a month (no sign up fee, cancel anytime), it will be the only monthly subscription you have that truly benefits your mind, body and your family all at once!

What does each class involve?

Classes are listed below in order of energy required. From our most gentle class to our most energetic

Pregnancy Nourishment
This class is specifically designed for those with a babe inside but can be enjoyed by anyone. A mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork this class is intentionally sequenced to create balance in the tissues supporting the spine and pelvis...
Pregnancy Strengthen
Do you want to feel strong and powerful in pregnancy whilst getting your mind and body ready for birth and postpartum? #YesYouCan. We know how it goes, somedays the energy levels are good, you can take on the world! Other days...
Core & Floor Breathe
A class everyone needs for nervous system balance and deep core function. In this class we will connect deeply to our breath practicing 360 breathing and connecting to both our respiratory diaphragm (breathing muscle) and pelvic diaphragm (pelvic floor).
Core & Floor Lengthen
Hypertonic or hypertensive pelvic floor? Stiff neck and shoulders? Tight, stressed out mind and/or body? Need some help to relax it all? From your jaw to your pelvic floor and all that’s in between… this class has you covered! It’s...
Core & Floor Connection
Healing from core and pelvic floor issues? In early postpartum? Needing some postural love? New or returning to exercise and movement? Or just wanting to get back to basics and explore body connection? These sessions slow it down and enable...
Morning and Evening Yoga
Join Alice for yoga, morning, evening or both. Alice teaches a multi-genre style of yoga, sometimes challenging bits, sometimes melty bits, all designed to get you out of your head and into your body, to recenter yourself, to speak to...
Moon Yoga
Yoga for your Moon Cycle. This class will vary in movement style throughout the month. Full Moon we will embrace Yang Energy and move more vigorously, Dark Moon we will embrace Yin Energy and find restorative shapes. If you are...
Pilates Fusion
This class involves pilates-inspired exercises blended with clinical exercise prescription with the post-partum journey in mind. 
Core & Floor Strengthen
Already have a foundational level of fitness and core/pelvic floor connection? Then these Strengthen classes are for you. We work the whole body to build strength through bodyweight exercise, pelvic floor friendly cardio, and a bit of sweat and burn...
Power Pilates
A bodyweight-based Pilates class with a focus on core connection, stability and strength. Layered movements and classic Pilates exercises will get your muscles burning in all the right places. 
Mum Rage Sesh
Anger needs movement, it loves it. It's why our children want to hit, bite, kick, stomp and do all the body things when they feel it. And we are no different.  Except we are ;-)  So come, let's get a...
Back to cardio
We’ve created this class to support you on your journey back to high impact movement (running, sports, jumping in the trampoline etc). The sessions will be a blend of progressing exercises from low impact to high impact (think squat to...
Lift Me Up!
You’ve put in the work and completed core and floor restore (or feel like you are ready to take on the next step). Maybe you are excited to get back to weight training after some time off.  Perhaps you have always...
Power + Sweat
Craving that feel-good endorphin rush? Finding it hard to take yourself through a solid workout these days? This class is ideal for those wanting to step it up a notch! As always, modifications will be given, however this class is...
Dance (available in recordings only)
We were born knowing how to dance, it's instinctual. However, many of us through cultural conditioning have lost our groove thang (or just don't have the time or energy to make it to a dance floor anymore!). So here it...

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Crystal (Melbourne, AU)
Accessible, encouraging, and fun!

The value is next level. The range is incredible. The community is great. I have nothing but good things to say about the live classes. I've felt so motivated and supported and I love the gentle reminders that a class is about to start to prompt me to think about movement. Thank you so much 💕

C. (Perth, AU)
For every mother

These classes have honestly been a godsend for me after having my second child. There is a great variety of class, whether you want to have a full-on workout or stretch or restore, there is something for you. Most of the classes are between 15-25 minutes so i can squeeze one in while my 6 month old crawls nearby. The longer lengthen and yoga classes are perfect to unwind in the evenings. I loved doing reformer classes before I was pregnant, and honestly thought I would be desperate to get back. These classes are way better because I can actually do them every day without bartering for support from my husband (also way cheaper!) I am in Perth, so mostly do the recordings, but try to get on live when I can. B does not disappoint with her banter and old school pop references!

Sign up and you will be rewarded!

R. (Sydney, AU)
If you do one thing for your health this year…

Committing to the live classes was the best investment I’ve made to my health in a long time. I’m 4 months PP and I hesitated - how will I make this work with a newborn - but it turns out I could because it’s so accessible. I remember a few times I even joined a class from bed, just to be there and move my body. The teachers create such a beautiful community you really feel like you’re in the room together. And the recordings are epic, if I can’t make the live I make sure I pop one on almost every day. Even if only 15 mins I never regret it. At my 6 week pelvic floor physio check I was told my pelvic floor was epic and surprisingly recovered for someone who had been through the birth I did, plus my ab separation was back to normal. I put this down to starting these classes in the first few weeks post birth with a very gentle approach. Thank you for making this so accessible!

M.C. (Canberra, AU)
Epic, accessible and best value

The classes are so great. The variety, the options to meet you where you're at, the kindness with which the instructors speak about our amazing bodies and encourage you to aswell. It's just what you need in life. Encouragement to move and cheering you on while you do. Plus it's amazing value. I can't say enough good things.

Elise J (Brisbane, AU)
Amazing value, quality and variety

I absolutely love these classes!! I do a recorded class every morning when I wake up and I (and my whole family) benefit from it! It wakes me up and gets the endorphins flowing. Being a recording means I can pause it if I get interrupted by small humans and I can save my favourite workouts to re-do. There’s a great range of classes (I love the strengthen and the power Pilates classes best!) and I particularly love that all the classes have modifications so you can adjust the workout depending on where you’re at on the day. The technical knowledge and level of explanation and guidance is each class is incredible. It’s worth signing up just to attend B’s classes-the entertainment, singing and most importantly the amazing support and genuine love she has for this community means you finish the class with your body feeling great and your soul feeling nourished like you just had a warm hug. I can’t recommend these classes enough.

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any equipment to start out. Rock up as you are. Let’s get it done.

Most of our classes are equipment free however from time to time we may use some.

Sometimes we can grab things from around the house to use. A tennis ball is epic for self-massage; tins of food work great for weights, a pot with handles and some rice for heavier weights and a scarf or towel as a resistance band. Once you progress, some equipment can help. But, we give modifications for those with no equipment. That way, these classes are accessible for all.

Check Out our exercise equipment

Here’s some suggested equipment for each class:

Connection Classes 

Lengthen Classes 

Strengthen Classes

Breathwork and Pregnancy Classes

Power + Sweat and Lift Me Up!

  • Weights/Kettlebells/Handled pot with some rice or potatoes in it
  • Loop band 

Pilates with Chelsea

  • Loop band 
  • Weights (start off with 1kg, or use tins of food if you don't have)
  • Pilates ball or couch cushion/stuffed toy

Mum Rage Sesh

  • A rage kit with things you can tear (scrap paper, old tissue boxes), snap (sticks) or throw (pillows, socks)

If you’re pregnant - a large balance ball will come in handy for most classes.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind our live online classes. Each week, we’ll bring our classes straight to you in an affordable, accessible way. And we’ll continue to grow our team so we can bring you a wider variety of ways to move and connect.

We want to help you get your body moving no matter where you are, or what level you're at! Our dedicated, understanding team are here to support you. Have a question during the class? Ask away! We’ll modify each movement to your ability.

We're here to create a welcoming, supportive environment. that enables you to move and connect with your body in a way that feels good for you.

Alice is an Aussie Dutch movement teacher specialising in feel good yoga and conditioning. She holds a 14 year career in physical activity and has lived and worked as a trainer in Amsterdam and London during her 10 year stint...
Chelsea is a Chiropractor, Pilates Instructor and Mama of one living on the beautiful Surf Coast in Vic.  After completing her studies (Chiro and Pilates) in 2018, she moved down to the coast and began working in a family based practice in...
Natalie’s passion for exercise and interest in biomechanics started at a young age while competing in artistic gymnastics. Over the past 12 years you could find Natalie in the gym leading exercise classes, training athletes and weekend warriors through PT...
Julia is a mother of two young boys and pregnant with her third baby. She is an experienced yoga, pilates and breathwork teacher of ten years and specialise in pre and postpartum exercise and childbirth education.Before having children she worked...
Bernadette (B)
Founder and Creator of all things Core & Floor Hey! I’m B. And I’m here to support you through pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.I’m a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother, published academic and speaker. I’ve worked as a midwife in Australia...

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