Struggling to maintain accountability and stay on track?

Online exercise tailored to you - choose from connection, lengthen, strengthen and Yoga classes.  No need to organise childcare or brush your teeth. Show up as you are in the comfort of your own home. 

We understand pregnancy & postpartum exercise challenges, including prolapse, and will give modifications so you can ‘do you!’

Can’t make the live classes? You can watch recordings at your own convenience!

Our next round of live classes starts October 9th 2023 - it's our biggest round yet - get amongst it!

What does each class involve?

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C+F Dance
We were born knowing how to dance, it's instinctual. However, many of us through cultural conditioning have lost our groove thang (or just don't have the time or energy to make it to a dance floor anymore!). So here it...
Kung Fu
Fun, engaging movement and martial arts activities with light exercise!   Join Evan on Saturday mornings for a mix of traditional martial arts drills, easy exercises and fun games that can be played with the whole family!  Accessible to any level....
Pilates Fusion
This class involves pilates-inspired exercises blended with clinical exercise prescription with the post-partum journey in mind. 
Pregnancy Strengthen
Do you want to feel strong and powerful in pregnancy whilst getting your mind and body ready for birth and postpartum? #YesYouCan.  We know how it goes, somedays the energy levels are good, you can take on the world! Other days...
Pregnancy Pilates
This class is specifically designed for those with a babe inside but can be enjoyed by anyone. This class is intentionally sequenced to create balance in the tissues supporting the spine and pelvis in order to support baby’s position and...
Pregnancy Flow Yoga
This class is all about honouring the different feelings, emotions and needs of your pregnancy journey.  Each class will offer a different focus and energy, so you can explore the supportive nature that yoga can be for you physically, mental...
Stretch & Meditate
Stretch your way to bliss! A mindful class to stretch out all the kinks, ending in a 5 min meditation technique that can then be applied easily in your everyday.
Slow Power Yoga
This practice will bring you face to face with both your outer and inner strength. Taken slowly with the yogic approach of awareness, there is plenty of time to explore what it feels like to be in your strongest self....
Power + Sweat
Craving that feel-good endorphin rush? Finding it hard to take yourself through a solid workout these days? This class is ideal for those wanting to step it up a notch! As always, modifications will be given, however this class is...
Core & Floor Strengthen
Already have a foundational level of fitness and core/pelvic floor connection? Then these Strengthen classes are for you. We work the whole body to build strength through bodyweight exercise, pelvic floor friendly cardio, and a bit of sweat and burn...
Core & Floor Lengthen
Hypertonic or hypertensive pelvic floor? Stiff neck and shoulders? Tight, stressed out mind and/or body? Need some help to relax it all? From your jaw to your pelvic floor and all that’s in between… this class has you covered! It’s...
Core & Floor Connection
Healing from core and pelvic floor issues? In early postpartum? Needing some postural love? New or returning to exercise and movement? Or just wanting to get back to basics and explore body connection? These sessions slow it down and enable...
Core & Floor Breathe
A class everyone needs for nervous system balance and deep core function. In this class we will connect deeply to our breath practicing 360 breathing and connecting to both our respiratory diaphragm (breathing muscle) and pelvic diaphragm (pelvic floor).

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Katrina Fisher (Hobart, AU)
Excellent classes, with beautiful instructors! Highly recommended!

Hi B! I have really loved the variety of classes available - there is always something which can fit the time that I have available and the way that my body is feeling at any time, on any day. And for such incredibly generous value to make it really accessible. Thank you! I have loved the way that these classes have made me feel. For the first time I have found the joy that is available in movement for the sake of just moving to feel good, as opposed to the guilt that I always felt when I 'should' have been exercising to somehow, in some way, have a 'better' body. Thank you for everything that you do!

R.C. (Sydney, AU)
Highly recommend

Such a wealth of information, high quality classes and excellent instructors. I am really enjoying these classes

Zoe (Sydney, AU)
Perfect for motivation and accountability!

Joining the live round has been a game changer!! I'm so excited for the next round. I have already gotten so much stronger and able to move a lot more functionally. Let alone the endorphins 🥰🥰
I can't catch the lives most of the time and it's not worth the expectation and hassle that my toddler's sleep or mood will align, but I love keeping up with the recordings!! It keeps me motivated to tick them off every week!

Bree (Geelong, AU)
Absolutely EPIC classes!

Love these classes! You can join with about 2 mins to spare (I've done this more than a few times) show up in pjs with children crawling all over you. There is no pressure to have cameras on, but it is such a comfortable environment that I don't mind who sees me wrangling kids, getting snacks while sweating- all while smiling, honestly who doesn't want to be serenaded while working out!

Tracey N. (Melbourne, AU)
B is amazing

Her classes are phenomenal. She somehow makes you feel like you're the only one in the class, even though with with a whole bunch of other people making time for themselves. B is incredible at modifying exercises for everyone and anyone!! Plus her singing in class is priceless 😊

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any equipment to start out. Rock up as you are. Let’s get it done.

Most of our classes are equipment free however from time to time we may use some.

Sometimes we can grab things from around the house to use. A tennis ball is epic for self-massage; tins of food work great for weights, a pot with handles and some rice for heavier weights and a scarf or towel as a resistance band. Once you progress, some equipment can help. But, we give modifications for those with no equipment. That way, these classes are accessible for all.

Check Out our exercise equipment

Here’s some suggested equipment for each class:

Connection Classes 

Lengthen Classes 

Strengthen Classes

Yoga and Meditation Classes 

  • Bolster or firm large pillow or two 
  • Blocks or large cans or big sturdy books 
  • Blanket of any kind

Breathwork and Pregnancy Pilates Class

Power + Sweat

  • Weights/Kettlebells/Handled pot with some rice or potatoes in it
  • Loop band 

Pregnancy Strengthen

  • Weights/Kettlebells/Handled pot with some rice or potatoes in it
  • Loop band 

If you’re pregnant - a large balance ball will come in handy for most classes.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind our live online classes. Each week, we’ll bring our classes straight to you in an affordable, accessible way. And we’ll continue to grow our team so we can bring you a wider variety of ways to move and connect.

We want to help you get your body moving no matter where you are, or what level you're at! Our dedicated, understanding team are here to support you. Have a question during the class? Ask away! We’ll modify each movement to your ability.

We're here to create a welcoming, supportive environment. that enables you to move and connect with your body in a way that feels good for you.

Meet Claudia, Spreading her infectious enthusiasm for dance where ever she goes. Claudia’s teaching and performance experience over the last 15 years varies from small intimate sessions to large scale festivals around Australia. Having her first stage experience at age...
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) & Student Midwife Emma grew up in Adelaide and completed a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of South Australia. She then went on to work full-time as an AEP in the Barossa Valley,...
Evan has always had a connection with embodied movement practices, starting with both classical ballet and karate in primary school.In 2016, he started teaching classes at his local Kung Fu school and shortly after began working for the Martial Arts...
Natalie’s passion for exercise and interest in biomechanics started at a young age while competing in artistic gymnastics. Over the past 12 years you could find Natalie in the gym leading exercise classes, training athletes and weekend warriors through PT...
  Julia is a mother of two young boys and pregnant with her third baby. She is an experienced yoga, pilates and breathwork teacher of ten years and specialise in pre and postpartum exercise and childbirth education.Before having children she...
Louise is an accredited exercise physiologist with a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology.  She pursued her degree after realising her passionate belief that movement (including, but not limited to, exercise!) is essential for not only physical health, but mental health too....
Bernadette (B)
Founder and Creator of all things Core & Floor Hey! I’m B. And I’m here to support you through pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.I’m a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother, published academic and speaker. I’ve worked as a midwife in Australia...
Poeta's heart grew two sizes bigger the day she realised her homecoming was yoga. It was during her second pregnancy in a prenatal yoga teacher training, that this pivotal moment in her life occurred, leading her to change careers from a...

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