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Please note B is currently completely booked out. Her epic team do have availability and would love to support you.

Guidance for Midwives, Obstetricians, Student Midwives & Doulas

Feel stucking in your career? Struggling within the system? Unsure of what’s next? Or need to debrief some of your experiences?

Or keen to learn how you can better support people through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum?

Midwifery, obstetrics and birth support are epic careers. But they come with challenges and can, at times, be overwhelming.

I provide mentorship, training and support to midwives, obstetricians, doulas and student midwives. Do you need to be heard? Or are you after some guidance? or are you looking to up skill in this vital role you’ve taken on?

I am also offering training in birth debriefing so you can be the best support to families the parents in your care. Learn more here

What does the mentorship include?

Cards on the table. I am here to listen. To offer advice and guidance where needed. To help you figure out what you need and how to go about it. Often what you are looking for/needing is right there, you just need someone to help you find it.

Ideas of what we can discuss:
  • Career guidance: I help you with decision-making to get the most from your career
  • Support around your own story, trauma or experiences that may be impacting your current practice
  • Ways to effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues to work best as a team and also drive change
  • Debriefing from workplace related trauma or conflict whether it be a birth you’ve attended or an issue you’ve had with colleagues or your workplace
  • Guidance with supporting physiological labour and birth
  • Guidance around supporting core and pelvic floor health in pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Any work/life issues you're experiencing that are impacting on how you provide care
  • Questions you might have - we can cover it all and get your questions answered and a plan to move forward


Customer Reviews

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Renata Cumming (Melbourne, AU)
Birth prep and debrief chats

In a world where everything feels rushed, these two chats with B where she held such space for me, were a calming balm for the soul.

My intense distrust in our medical system lead me deep into research and I was grateful to find B and her passionate and open dialogue about all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

During my birth prep conversation I felt heard, that my fears were not unfounded and that the path I was on was ok. I went away with a spring in my step and some helpful advice on advocating for myself and setting clear boundaries.

I had what could easily be described as a long and tough labour, but I remember a determination to have the labour and birth I wanted for myself and for my baby, and in so many ways I succeeded. A natural labour with a combination of comb, breathing and tens machine with very minimal intervention and only an episiotomy as a last resort.

I had always planned to have a debrief no matter the outcome and I now truly believe any woman who has birthed deserves a safe space to feel heard when she is ready. B created an open space for my partner and I to speak about the experience and help me find my way through some questions that remained, which was followed by some beautiful conversations about partnering and parenting in the first year as tired, emotional and new parents.

I love that B offers time to discuss what is important to each individual without agenda or expectation. I would highly recommend booking yourself time with B wherever you are at in your journey.

Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)
Life changing

Firstly, I wanted to say I have been doing some work exploring and learning my anatomy more, I now can feel where my scarring is from my tear from the birth of my son. How I had never felt it before sounds wild to me now. I also had been doing some massage around my clitoris and have since had digital penetration from my husband that felt pleasurable (first time ever with him and first time in around 11 years since anyone other than myself) and had 2 clitoral orgasms! Thank you so much for our in person session.

V.M. (Sydney, AU)
Just so grateful

I had an amazing 1 on 1 chat with B. She's just such an epic human and she did so much for me in 1.5hrs, it was insane!

It was a BIG chat but so beautifully organic and natural. Her ability to see me through the computer, hear my story and know where to take me was unbelievable.

I've gained so much from core and floor restore over the years and the chat was up there with one of the most mind blowing days I've had I reckon.

I'd recommend booking in a chat with B's team for anyone! It's an investment in your well-being

Rhiannon Baudains (Perth, AU)

Best thing I did for myself was book in for a chat with B. I was very emotional post chat but I was prepared for it and actually allowed myself to reflect and let go without any shame or judgement on myself. I don’t feel so heavy anymore and I know I’m a strong independent badass woman about to bring a baby girl to help change the work and break this cycle.

Before my chat with B I had a massive fear of PP blood loss. I went to visit a friend with a newborn who mentioned about her blood loss in birth and I didn’t squirm or panic as I usually would. I finally feel ready to dive in and watch some birthing videos too!

Thank you so much for all you do for us as women, B, we need 21 million of you in the world

Life changing support!

Hey B,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the birth debrief we had on Friday. It’s really blown my mind how deep we went and I’m astounded I didn’t think of how my emotional trauma may have impacted my labour progression. It just all makes perfect sense in my head now. I feel even more empowered this time around( I didn’t think that were possible after all my research going into my first bubs birth) and am so so excited to go into this labour and birth not only physically healthy but emotionally too in a supportive relationship. I’ve taken all your advice on board and am going to focus on letting my partner take care of me and opening myself up to being vulnerable. Have also found a doula as well. Would love to book a birth prep with you also down the track.
Thanks so so much from the bottom of my heart. You are doing amazing things in your work not just for us women but for generations to come 🙌🏼🤍🤍🤍

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