My After All by Jessica Urlichs

My After All by Jessica Urlichs

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  • An epic gift idea for Mums
  • The third book by Jessica Urlichs



Why it's epic 

'My After All', named after Jess's viral poem, is her last book in the series of early motherhood. It delves into the raw and the real with a beauty that shines through even the messy truths. These pieces reflect the love we have for our growing children, our transformation as mothers, and our relationships post kids.

Jess doesn't "leave frills around the fabric of early motherhood", she writes about the love we live and breathe for them, but also the things we find hard to talk about, some things that might leave you saying, "me too".
This book of poetry & prose will leave you feeling empowered and seen, listened to and understood.

The details
  • Poignant, raw and beautifully honest pieces on motherhood.
  • Available as Paperback or Hardback
Best for 

A gift idea for mums or for yourself

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