The Modern Mum Village

The Modern Mum Village

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Are you great at looking after everyone else?
What about you?
Unsure of what you need? And how to get it?
Do you put yourself last? Experience mum rage, resentment and a tonne of tension?

This is online emotional coaching with a difference. We work to prioritise you and your own self-care. Bringing the best version of yourself to your family, friends and colleagues. And bringing joy and energy to you.

What’s included
  • Weekly education and emotionally coaching group sessions for 2 x 6 week
    • Block One -> 19/08/24 - 29/09/24
    • Block Two -> 14/10/24 - 24/11/24 
  • Education Sessions -> Monday afternoons at 1pm AEST/AEDT. In these sessions we explore different topics and our mind and bodies understanding of them. We look at what we were modelled, what's currently playing out for us and what we want it to look and feel like moving forward. 
  • Connection Sessions -> Thursday evenings at 8pm AEST/AEDT

These sessions go for about 1-2 hours. You don't have to stay for the whole session or attend them live at all. You can catch the recording at anytime that suits you. You also don't have to attend both sessions each week. 

  • Access to all recorded content until the 31/12/24
  • The ability to turn up in whatever capacity suits you, cameras on or off, unmute and chat or sit back and listen
  • Content to work through should you wish, at your own pace, with helpful questions to work through to help shift those stories
  • The ability to share, connect and ask questions to enable you to go deeper and feel supported  
  • Access to everything and everyone in one easy to use platform (that has it's own app - we use Kajabi), no need for zoom or Facebook 
  • Accountability in the form of email reminders when we go live the group to connect with 
  • The option to find your people, this is really what the village is about, support. You can buddy up with another epic woman and really start to shift your stories. 
  • A community of like-minded people in a super supportive space
Topics include

Explore who you are and why you do what you do. That way you can create sustainable change

  • Where you are at in your motherhood journey and where you want to be 
  • Understanding your feelings, why they are there and what you want to do with them 
  • Identifying your needs: ummm who am I now?
  • Determining your version of  self-care: why you deserve it and how to achieve it
  • Understanding your stories: why you react the way you do
  • Your emotional love language and how to repattern it
  • Control mechanisms and numbing out: why you sit on the couch and scroll IG whilst eating a tub of ice-cream
  • Mum rage and resentment: how to move from taking score to taking care 
  • Connection with our bodies: moving from shame to honour 
  • Intimacy and partner connection postpartum: physical and emotional needs
  • and a whole lot more! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Peet Fysh (Brisbane, AU)
The Village You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the Village twice now and I’m certainly not going to miss out on this years.

Leading up to my first round I wasn’t completely sure I needed it as I have incredible mum-friends around me and for the most part, feel quite confident in my mothering abilities.
But I was still drawn to it and holy smokes haven’t I learnt an awful lot about myself and life in general!

Not only do you get the most incredible advice, genuine support and encouragement from B, you also learn soo, soo much from the other Mums! The questions of theirs that you can relate to. The solidarity feeling of all the “ahh, yes, me too”’s that’s happen and the connection and support you get when you share, if you feel called to.

I’m a better Mum, a better partner and a better Me, because of B’s village and I’m eternally grateful for this space and offering.

If you’re feeling unsure or wondering if it’s a worthy investment, especially because it’s for “yourself”, then ask yourself if it would be a worthy investment if it was something “for your kids” or to “save your relationship”?
If the answers yes, then there’s your answer, because alllll of it leads back to what’s best for you, your kids and your relationship.

You won’t be disappointed and you’ll learn things you didn’t even know you needed to, gain some incredible new friendships and of course, extra singing from the magical B.

Jane Chapman (Perth, AU)
a profound change

I have been part of 2 rounds of the Modern Mum Village. I wasn't sure what to expect and I didn't anticipate how much this program would help me make changes in my relationship and help guide me when I was at a stalemate with my partner. As a first time mum I found this space invaluable. B facilitates a safe, nurturing and open minded space so that we can explore this motherhood journey without judgement and examine ourselves and our stories. If you are looking to find a shared sense of purpose and to feel supported while you navigate the joys and challenges of being a parent then I highly recommend the Modern Mum Village.

Emma Dutton (Hull, GB)
B provides a safe space and is very supportive

I haven’t yet done the village, but have used her classes for a long time and am always impressed with how B can provide such connection over the internet. I often end up crying because she provides a safe space to just let it all out and gives you that opportunity to listen to your body. I have no doubt this will also be an amazing asset to those in need of it.

Toni (Brisbane, AU)
A necessity for mothers, no mater what kind of mother

I have been a part of two villages with B about 12 months apart. In the first I was a first time mum pregnant with my first. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for or what I would get from it but I found SO much wisdom, support and love.
Being surrounded by women regularly, even virtually was so fulfilling for my heart and soul.

I completed the last round in 2023, pregnant with my second and navigating motherhood with my son. Again the support was phenomenal.

I have learnt and been loved on by not only B but the women in the village. The women who choose to do this work are a special kind. If you’re considering it I cannot urge you enough to do it. I can’t wait for this round as I approach birth and 2 under two and the changes all of those things bring to my relationships (with my partner, my mum, my friends- what I’ve learnt here impacts me and my life far and wide).

I’m so grateful for B and this community.

Chloe (Hobart, AU)
Amazing benefits, connections and skills to carry for life

It’s hard to explain how immeasurably valuable the village is. On the surface it’s 2 weekly live group sessions and exercise classes, but it’s astounding how much value and growth you can get from just hearing other women’s struggles- everything from the daily grievances of an uneven load to deep childhood wounds that surface with the raising of our own children- and witnessing B gently, compassionately guide them through listening to their feelings and planting seeds of how to support yourself to move through it. You get to see how B and people that have done multiple rounds really reap the benefits of being heard, working on themselves, their boundaries and needs and being able to listen to their body as well as people just starting their journey not knowing where to start, but even by the end of the course having a greater sense of self and direction with how to live their best life on their terms if just willing to dive in to what B has to offer. Everyone will find a theme or person (or many of each) that you really relate and resonate with, and it just feels amazing when things start to click the ‘aha’ moments just keep coming, and you hear yourself starting to actually ‘speak the language’ in your own life.

If everyone could have something like this in their lives, and be willing to embrace it, I truly believe the deepest and hardest issues in the world would be solved within a couple of generations. Such a beautiful positive space of like minded women wanting to work on themselves and build each other up under the expert care of B.

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