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The Modern Mum Village

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Are you great at looking after everyone else?
What about you?
Unsure of what you need? And how to get it?
Do you put yourself last? Experience mum rage, resentment and a tonne of tension?

This is online coaching with a difference. We work to prioritise you and your own self-care. Bringing the best version of yourself to your family, friends and colleagues. And bringing joy and energy to you.

What’s included
  • Weekly education and self work sessions.
    Monday nights live at 8:00pm AEDt) aka Sydney and Melbs). These sessions go for about 1.5 hours. You don't have to attend all of it and can catch up later on the recordings. 
  • Weekly live check-ins and Q&A’s with B: Ask her anything! Thursday at 8pm AEDT (aka Sydney and Melbs). These sessions go for about 2 hours, again you don't have to stay for all of it and you can catch the recording later in the week. 
  • 4.5+ hours of epic womanly exercise a week via live online exercise classes a week (see timetable here) 
  • Access to workout and education recordings if you can’t make the lives or want to repeat them (you'll have access to the workouts recordings for another 2 weeks after the live round. You'll have access to the education/live session recordings until December 31st 2023)
  • Access to everything and everyone in one easy to use platform (that has it's own app - we use Kajabi), no need for zoom or Facebook 
  • Accountability in the form of daily check-ins and the option to buddy up with another epic woman
  • A community of like-minded people in a super supportive space
Topics include
Explore who you are and why you do what you do. That way you can create sustainable change
  • Where you are at in your motherhood journey and where you want to be 
  • Understanding your feelings, why they are there and what you want to do with them 
  • Identifying your needs: ummm who am I now?
  • Determing your version of  self-care: why you deserve it and how to achieve it
  • Understanding your stories: why you react the way you do
  • Your emotional love language and how to repattern it
  • Control mechanisms and numbing out: why you sit on the couch and scroll IG whilst eating a tub of ice-cream
  • Mum rage and resentment: how to move from taking score to taking care 
  • Connection with our bodies: moving from shame to honour 
  • Intimacy and partner connection postpartum: physical and emotional needs

Customer Reviews

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Renata Cumming (Melbourne, AU)
A beautiful program

As a new mother (5 month old baby) I felt so welcomed and supported within this group of wonderful women, B has created an amazing space to learn and discuss, to grow and be heard.
There was some really thought provoking discussion and you can choose to be super involved or sit back and take it in at your own pace, and this is very much encouraged. It felt like such an inclusive and open minded program with a very 'take or leave' approach, which is so refreshing after having so many opinions pushed on me.

My partner and I have gone on to have some fantastic deep discussions about how we want to parent, how we want to be in relationship with each other, of how we want to get our needs met.

I would encourage anyone who wants to take the next step in this journey of life and explore who they are and how they came to form some of their opinions and parenting styles to consider this program.

Lisa (Dublin, IE)
Levelling up

After each coaching round, I genuinely feel as tho I am levelling up, becoming the queen I always knew I could be. I first thought that I had to become the best parent to succeed in life. But through coaching, reparenting myself and Bs wise expertise, I now understand that I need to become the best version of me! I love diving into my feelings, triggers, imprints and really understanding why I act in certain ways. Coaching is challenging but empowering, revealing but connective, and honestly the best choice I have made for my family.

Sarah (Brisbane, AU)
Such a supportive space!

B has curated a program that allows for true connection and feels like the village that us Mumma's pine for! The program has left me both more confident in my relationships and inspired to continue to do the work on myself that will bring out my best. Just signed up for my second round 🎉

Jessica Tabb (Sydney, AU)
Just magic

It’s hard to put into words just how special this space is. The content that B guides the group through is so deep, thought provoking and just so resonating that it’s can seem confronting how much growth there appears ahead of you. But the way that B presents it in such a safe space, with a group of incredible likeminded women, is just pure magic. I came for the content but stayed for the connection and vulnerability of these amazing women. There is nothing else like this that makes you feel so seen and held, as a mum of two young boys in the early years of postpartum life I can’t stress how important it has been to have this as a part of my village. There is a reason why people keep coming back for this as it is life changing in the best possible way. Thanks for creating this space B, it’s beyond words incredible, I will always be grateful for the challenge to be a person version of myself for my kids, my husband, my friends and family but above all for me.

D.W. (Canberra, AU)
A safe space full of knowledge, compassion and connection!

Coaching has created and continues to create fundamental changes in every aspect of my life. I have completed 3 rounds of coaching so far (and hope to continue in the future when it next works in with our life) - I couldn’t recommend it more!
It has given me an avenue to explore
my own behaviours and beliefs as well as
brought awareness and understanding of how I came to hold these beliefs.
At the beginning of my first round I had so much ‘mum’ guilt and rage, resentment and generally a lot of grief and shame around who I was in motherhood vs who I thought I would be / wanted to be (not that I really knew or understood that at the time of starting I just felt overwhelmed and lost and like everything was hard) I learnt very early on in that round that I had no idea how to process feelings or communicate effectively with my husband, I didn’t even know how to identify my own needs or emotions. It was BIG!
It gave me a safe space to practice all of these things, provided me with the tools to be able to work through them and opportunities to connect with others- this was incredible and continues to be a huge part of my life. More than a year on from my first coaching round and my ‘listening partner’ is one of my closest friends and an integral part of my life, who I love deeply (who I would not have met if it wasn’t for coaching!)
Each round of coaching I have learned new concepts, gained a deeper understanding of old concepts and been able to shift so much giving me more capacity to be who I want to be. I will always be grateful for B, the time and energy you put into creating this space- Thank You so much for all that you do and (not just coaching but all that you do) what I would have given to find you pre being a mum- I feel everyone would benefit greatly if we learned the skills you teach, or know how to hold space and have people hold space for us like you do ❤️ Your knowledge, compassion and understanding has made every interaction a safe space, where I felt connected and seen. Words will never be enough to express how grateful I am, for everything you have done for me and my family- thank you, thank you X

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