Yoga Ball Cover

Yoga Ball Cover

  • Epic cover for your birth ball to reduce slipping from sweat and oil
  • Comfortable and clean



Why it's Epic

A powerful but simple tool to help with pain management in labour. 

Combs have been used in birthing for centuries and at one stage midwives were taught about using them for pain relief in labour. The teeth of the comb applies acupressure to points the hand that create a distraction and a new focal point for the brain to concentrate on. It also plays a part in the gate control pain theory, nerve endings in your hand send messages to the brain and distract it away from the sensations of contractions.

The detail
  • Sweat, oils and and fluids can make an uncovered ball slippery
  • A covered ball won’t stick to your bum when you stand up
  • Snuggle up and cuddle your ball without sticking to it
  • Carry and transport your ball easily with the handle
  • Hang your ball out of the way if need be
  • Nicer to look at home and personalises you birth environment
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Your ball won’t be mixed up with hospital equipment
  • Easy to remove and wash if necessary
  • Suitable for use on 55cm-75cm balls. *Larger balls will also fit however the opening at the base will remain slightly open.
  • Durable triple stitching on seams
  • Elastic cord and cord puller closure on opening
  • Handle Sleeve
  • Soft and breathable cotton spandex fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Handmade in Brisbane, Australia
  • Cover is suitable for use with peanut balls, yoga bolsters and exercise balls due to stretchy fit.
Best for

Birthing people

What's inside

Cotton spandex fabric

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