We are thrilled to now offer Medicare Rebates for eligible chats. Woohoo! Here are the deets.

Who is offering them?

Meg is the only team member currently offering Medicare rebates for eligible chats. 


You will need to get a GP referral for ‘non-directive pregnancy support counselling’ BEFORE your appointment. Your rebate will be about $65 back per session and you can claim up to 3 sessions per pregnancy - YAY! Your chat will need to happen during your pregnancy or within 12 months of your baby’s birth.

How do I claim?

Send your GP referral to hello@coreandfloor.com.au before your appointment or show it to Meg at the beginning of your chat. You will be emailed an invoice after your session which you can submit directly to Medicare to claim your rebate.

If you aren't sure if you're eligible or have any questions please email us at hello@coreandfloor.com.au