Period Queen with Lucy Peach 8pm AEDT 21/05/2024

Period Queen with Lucy Peach 8pm AEDT 21/05/2024

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This webinar is planned for 21st of May 2024 at 8pm AEDT.  

Lucy's Keynote is delivered with song, story and education about the phases of the menstrual cycle and how we can reframe the narrative to one of empowerment and pride. Her sessions are inclusive and welcoming of all genders and experiences.

A male hormonal cycle is 24 hours long. A female hormonal cycle is 28 days. 

Despite this inherent difference, our world is often set to a male default. For those of us who menstruate, we grow up learning more about the cycle on a washing machine than the one in our own body. This gap in information plays out across society, in relationships and in the health system. But there’s more and with one conversation at a time, we can empower women and those who menstruate with body literacy that benefits us far beyond the bleed.

What's covered:

  • Reframing the negative narrative around cycles and stages of women's lives
  • How hormones impact energy levels, emotions, relationships, motivation, the physical and more
  • How to have better cycle conversations at home and at work
  • How to harness the power of your period

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