Birth debriefs

What is a birth debrief?

A birth debrief is an opportunity for you to tell and honour your birth story. To unpack how it happened and why certain decisions were made. It’s to talk through any feelings you’re having around your birth and the postpartum period, both positive and negative.

Birth never goes to plan. Sometimes your expectations are exceeded. Other times you can be left with a lot of questions, disappointment, injury and even trauma. These can physically and mentally stay with you throughout your life. 

A birth debrief will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your birth experience. This session will help you move forward and work through any birth-related trauma. It will also give you options for any future birth and help rebuild any birth confidence you may have lost.


How does a Core & Floor birth debrief go?

This is an opportunity for you to chat with B one-on-one. Your birth support people are welcome to join in too (only if you would like). It’s done via zoom.

B is a highly experienced midwife. She has worked in hospitals and homebirth across Australia and overseas. She has an Honours in Midwifery, a Master of Public Health, and is a published academic. The two of you will sit down and unpack your birth as you need to.

B is here to help you understand your birth story.

It is not necessary for you to have your hospital notes for this debrief but if you have a lot of unanswered questions about your birth, having this can help. In order to obtain these, you will need to contact the hospital where you gave birth and pay for these (it is typically less than $40).


Book a Birth Debrief with B

You can book a 1hr or 1.5hr session below. I highly recommend booking the 1.5hr session as most people need more time.

Once you click on ‘Read More’ you’ll be given options to book into a specific time and day.  Please note you are booking in the Brisbane, Australia timezone. A zoom link will be automatically emailed to you once your booking is finalised.